Close protection courses, Good & Bad Companys etc.

Hi all,
Im currently researching the Security Industry as a possible second career as i have three years remaining until i finish my 22 etc. I have read a few of the posts in this forum on several companys etc, just wanted some good advice on the Good, Bad & the Ugly companys to either go with or stay well clear.and not waste my resettlement grant on tinpot companys that offer alot and don't deliver.
Any advice however critical most welcome Cheers. Ritchie 8)
Lots of opinion out there on who is who, have to way it up for yourself. I'd say dont ignore the international possibilities, there are some SIA accredited, longer and more renowned courses out there that come in very high regard.

Also decide what Teir your working on, hostile enviroments doing convoy's, or exectutive protection in the west. Lots of courses are more CP/EP orientated and others are more PSD

Try a few of these, all very well known... - SA - Israel

At the end of the day, most people agree as a standard in the UK Phoenix have it fairly stitched up, they are being run by one of the biggest and most influencial companies, they were on the SIA steering group. They have a reputation. Its a safe bet, as they are churning out operators at the moment. (However that could be a good reason to train on a 5/6 week PSD South African course, something a bit different and puts you ahead of the pack.)
Cheers Tabber, 8)
Have already contacted Ronin,Pheonix, and a host of other companys so far, just getting a guage on what they offer in there packages etc. With regard to the area im interested i, im looking to work in the uk and then possibly europe, but i do get a strong feeling that plenty of "Networking" is required to open a few doors!! etc. :? Again cheers for the advice. 8)
look at gsi-international site if you know anyone who uses it - full of advice etc but you need someone to vouch for you to register
Al Quida arnt bad the pay is rubbish but you get a AK47 and the afterlife pension scheme is pretty good


The sandals are f*cking awful though and they're not new ones either. They belonged to the last bloke who signed off and took his gratuity..
Gave some thought to working for them, strange, no ones been able to give me a point of contact for their op's manager yet.

Devil: If your planning on working the commercial sector in europe and the UK then Phoenix is probably your best bet, its all CP stuff, interpersonal skills, driving, walking drills, CQC, far more applicable to to the enviroment you want to work in rather than the likes of Ronin or Israel which is all PSD, evasive driving and firearms.

do a search for CTR services. No experience of them but ive heard good things, they run a tidy course and look after there candidates, also more focused on the EP/CP sector.

Thing about the EP/CP sector in the west is, your right, it does require networking. More than picking up a role in a hostile enviroment.

For PSD - Ronin in South Africa - if you've got the dosh and 5 weeks to spare this is definately the one. High class weapons training and excellent medical week working in the townships. Additionally, you can break the course down into one week segments over a period of time but it does cost more. THis is not an attendance course!

For CP - Phoenix

Most importantly, ensure that whoever you go with is an SIA accredited trainer or you will have wasted your resettlement money.

At the moment the CP industry in the UK is in turmoil because of the way the Security Industry Authority has f@cked up the badging and accreditation process. If ever a quango deserved to taken outside, buggered dry and then hanged, it is the SIA. They are truly 5h1t. However, they are the "law" and we have to work within our left and right of arcs.

At least you have a couple of years to go, so hopefully the SIA will be no more by the time you get going. Failing that, perhaps they will have things squared away.

Good luck.
Cheers Tabber & Sheldrake, 8)
All great advice, and all the names seem to point to either Ronin or Pheonix which is encouraging. Saying that im off to a seminar run by Nemesis Group Ltd in London on the 19th of this month to get a feel for the Industry and pose a few questions. :? Its good to get feedback from the ground, from regulars or ex forces you guys tell it how it is, and no holds barred. So again cheers guys. 8)
Don't put your eggs in one basket, through some project management and general IT training in to the mix. If you have leadership skills, try and develop them so you are a more generalist candidate. Network like buggery and start saving now as if there is no tomorrow.

If you are out in 3 years time, then there is fair chance the industry might have recovered a bit, but there is also a fair chance that increased nationalisation of PSDs within Iraq (it happened in Algeria, the bottom line drives!), means that there will be more people chasing fewer jobs. While you have benefit of having a support structure, learn as much as you can.

Also get your HGV, helps make those night hours while waiting for a contract profitable.

If you are in a support arm or corps, also look at strengths you might have that could transfer to as profitable expat career, without so many people shooting at you.

Of course the true cynic could also say if work increases dramatically in the next few years, then WWIII will have truly kicked off and business will be good, just maybe not very long!
Thanks for your input SBP! 8)
I hear what you are saying, with regard to not just focusing on the "Circuit" etc. Im currently booking myself onto any course that will give a decent
civilian qual at the end, and am completing my ECDL modules 1 to7. I do have my C+E but haven't used it in the commercial sence yet. With regard to expat, was considering buggering off to Thailand to carry on with my diving and progress to become a diving instructor. Again i suppose it does beat being shot at!! :lol:
As a rule of thumb, stay away from any CP training organisation that is accredited by Edexcel. Any mong can buy Edexcel accreditation and many have. Thats not to say every company under Edexcel is one of the mongs.

The BCUC organisations are generally the best to go for, followed by C&G
dance_with_the_devil said:
With regard to expat, was considering buggering off to Thailand to carry on with my diving and progress to become a diving instructor. Again i suppose it does beat being shot at!! :lol:
Now that's a good idea. if you are unencumbered with rugrats and a wiff, or have got mainenance down to a fine art, get your instructor, do lots of time then get your commercial. If you've had kids already or don't want them, volunteer for the really polluted harbours and rake in the danger money. Nebosh and HSE related stuff under water could be very useful.

other advantage if you're with a good diving school is that every week or so, (if you haven't caught "Yellow Fever"), is that young impressionable, fit, rich daddies girls will come out on courses and insist on buying your drinks in exchange for the ("ahem") benefit of your experience, wisdom, insights etc etc (unless you're bloater or spawny g!t)
Ahhhh, Thailand and diving, the circuits retreat!

I spent 2 months of resettlement time becoming a Divemaster in Pattaya as a back up incase a job didnt come off in the industry, rather than stay at home and live like a civlian puke.

It was great, good people, out on the pis$ all the time, bit like being back in! And could get stuck into something active and a bit exciting at the same time.......and bone little rich girls silly!

However I think it is a secondary job, keeps you active and earning in between contacts and gives you somthing to do on extended holiday's. As far a carrer in diving goes, I wouldn't personally, no money in it, you have to really love it, do it every day and face stiff competition if you want it to support you, especialy with a family or a house.

Commercial diving though, scrapping the barnies off hulls or going so deep decompression becomes part of the execution. No thanks, prefer to be roleing down Irish. Each to there own mind.
Anyone leaving the services with a family to get on the circuit (I include marsec in that) nowadays needs to seriously consider their options. Shooters start at about £140 a day now, and less in many cases, doing a 9:3 rotation with zero job security. The bubble has well and truly burst and the race to the bottom is well under way.

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