Close protection course.....who do i use?

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by bombdr2494, Jun 6, 2010.

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  1. I am looking at a career change to CP, but tbh i wouldnt know which provider to use my ELC with. Please if any experienced heads in here can offer some advice i would be very grateful.
  2. Try the search function
  3. Smudge, have you heard of the saying if you havn't got anything to say, don't say it. Prick.
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  4. I have mate, i entered close protection, but search also shows plenty of random threads with the mere mention of cp. But no info on feedback from courses....unless of course i have used the wrong content to search for.
  5. Try Ronin South Africa.
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  7. Why Ronin? Why not Task International?

    How about backing up what you're saying. Any fukwit (ie you) can say "try company xyz"
  8. This question has been asked before, and discussed in length. It'll be out there somewhere :)
  9. I've a couple of former unit collegues in the Industry like many others on arrse & I presume you've visited the following sites for research purposes, here's a few links if there at all helpful which 'I believe' are ressttlement providers or has infomation regarding recommended providers:

    These are ones, amongst many other which are highly recommended, A mate done the Ronin course also but unable to get a sitrep.
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  11. I think you have the wrong Smith.

    And, by your username, the wrong era.
  12. You are a fucking idiot ain't ya? Stop hijacking the blokes thread.

    OP: If you pick up any of the resettlement magazines in the Education Centre then they have quite a few advertisements with the most popular CP course providers. Every third issue (or thereabouts) has an article on CP work as well.

    I would make a list of every suitable provider and then start ringing round them to see what they can offer you. Tick off the things that you think are a deal breaker.

    First Aid: Yes/No
    Accomodation: Yes/No
    Flights: Yes/No
    Weapons: Yes/No
    Use of a driving skidpan; Yes/No

    etc etc

    Whittle it down to a few and then start asking around people to see what sort of recommendations they make.

    You could also try the close-protection forums at

    But def pick up the phone and contact the firms direct. It is a lot of money to invest and it is clear that some of them just set their prices arbitrarily.
  13. Google the Baron Shortt, the ultimate in CP.
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  14. Guys thanks for the replies, ive not heard of either Ronin or Task international before, are they meant to be the better of the suppliers?
  15. I'm not shit lips. He asked for previous experience of the providers/courses.

    Any muppet (ie you), can give generic common sense answers such as yours.

    You've not given any advice on any course, just "phone around"......very helpful.

    At least my "search function" answer, would push the OP to the other threads where ther question has been asked/answered previously.