Close Observation Platoon Cse

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by hexi_harry, Sep 20, 2006.

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  1. Anyone out their give me some idea of what is involved, as I could be interested in attending the course. Things like, subjects I need to brush up on, fitness, length of cse, whats involved on cse, etc. Any info would be gratefully recieved.
  2. I think you'll find that this is generally run as a unit / bde cadre on an as required basis. Therefore, if you entitled to apply, you'll already know all about it from Pt1 Os and who to ask for more info.

    You may, however, be confusing this with some other course.
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Long time ago, if it still goes on then I'm saying zip about it. PM me with proof and we can chat!
  4. Are COP still used in NI? I thought the need would be greatly reduced now with just the spooks keeping an eye on the main players?
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    That was one of my thoughts, my info/experience was 20 years ago!
  6. Done my COP course back in Ballykinlar in 1983 when it was hard. Instructors were from 14 Int, NISS and other small NI units, the OC was SAS. The physical side of it was quite hard with 5-8 mile runs along the beach on shingle followed by several PT tests, this was every day and it got harder as the days got longer. January wasn't a good time for a COP course. 5 days in gorse thicket with no cover from the elements and laodsa snow and frost bite sorted the men from the boys, good fun tho.

  7. You can't just ask to go on this course. If your Unit is due to send personnel on it, they will already know about well in advance and be working out who to send.

    Then they'll run pre course training and most probably select the best personnel available.

    It would probably be better if there was no further discussion about it in an open forum.
  8. Mods please lock this thread.

    It isn't a course for discussion. If you haven't been asked to go on it then you won't be going on it.
  9. Mods. This thread should be locked.
  10. sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh if I tell you and people overhear I might need to shred ya :)

  11. Aren't we being a little over sensative here children?
  12. Yes, we certainly are. Cop platoon orders for the day: You have been tasked to watch these three bricks on the corner of this building, now go and sit in that bush and wait, out.(Someones gonna have a bite at that one!) Not nearly as much work now as the COP Platoons used to have on their schedule. Probably unwise to go into the type of work carried out, but selection is common knowledge. Fitness, map reading, drills and skills. Quite similar to recce platoon stuff. They still do the stretcher race aswell!

    Cheers easy!
  13. As the bloke is asking about the course (the contents of which is 'common knowledge'), not the type of work done, why lock this thread?

    Big girl's blouse or **** retentive springs to mind mit overtures of the thought police!
  14. The course is common knowledge is it? Only bits and pieces are. Not the rest of it. If you aren't part of it or havent been in it you dont need to know. Simple.

    Now go read your Andy Mcnab books... :p
  15. Its not hard to fathom out the work of a C.O.P Plt,The majority of the Plt before it becomes C.O.P is the Recce Plt, and after its stint where ever it would be ,it reverts back to Recce Plt again.
    So its not hard to work out its role, then again the name does give it away.
    But don’t take the close in C.O.P as gospel, not with the equipment nowadays.