Close down the NAAFI - its anti competitive

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 58_Pattern, Jul 3, 2006.

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  1. I am out and very anti NAAFI. There are some far better non NAAFI deals out there. We had a great CO who used to organise free buses from MT for wives/singlies without cars to the local big Tesco. NAAFI have a captive audience and some very dubious trading ethics. I remember seeing Sun Tan lotion that had a boots £2.99 price sticker have a NAAFI price sticker of £4.99 put over it. They were buying kit locally from competitors and then putting their own labels over it. Last year they had a turnover of a quarter of a Bill and posted UK profits of £7.5 Stg Mill. I would love to see the NAAFI be opened up to market testing and every NAAFI raised to the ground and let Tesco Metro run there own shops on camps in the UK & Europe, they have the expertise and logistics to do it. I also would remove NAAFI from junior ranks Bars and let J D Wetherspoons run the pubs for our junior ranks. Sack all the fat 25 stone munter wives that NAAFI employ and replace them with curvacious long legged pretty barstaff and recruit nice people for the NAAFI shops. For deployment and HM Ships it would be easy to set up a new trading arm of Tesco to use their expertise to stock up and run ships and deployments. Bloody hell just created a business plan. If you see this post Sir Terry Leahy remember it's my idea and PM me. I would join you for a golden hello of £150K and £100K salary with benefits to do it.

    What the current feelings on NAAFI ?
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  2. You've got my vote. Spot on argument the only reason I use the NAAFI is because its the closest shop to me.

    Cr@p stock they don't even do Gingsters sarnies anymore!

    Roll on Weatherspoons and hot barmaids
  3. I am especially fond of Naffi (Efi) support on ops. Their incredbly reasonable prices on Op Telic just made my eyes water. Bunch of cnuts the lot of them. I also enjoy going into Naafi shops to find out of date goods still on the shelves (against the law)
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  4. Re-staff with Church Army. At least they give you a smile.
  5. never have liked the NAAFI & never will, remember when they claimed to be non-profit making..............really.

    NAAFI - Need Abused And Fecking Insulted.

    you get my vote.
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  6. Blame the government. If they hadn't put the NAAFI in the position where they had to make a profit in the first place, your average canteen, shop and supermarket would have stayed as competitive as it was in my day when NAAFI was a non profit making organisation who were obliged to provide canteen and shop services wherever British Forces were serving.

    As it stands, and because of the above facts, NAAFI is closing down more and more venues every year. Even NAAFI themselves now consider the end is nigh and all that will be left is EFI.

    It's a sair fect.
  7. You can guarantee that someone from the shiney arse brigade has a job with NAFFI. Not exactly the cheapest in the world.In the UK you would be better going to places like Tesco,Asda,Morrisons,and others before you would shop in the NAFFI.Time to close it down permanently
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  8. I really liked the way NAAFI(EFI) on Telic1 came up with we havent got any change mate so you can either round the price up or have another 1/2/3/40 cans of warm out of date coke/lemmonade/fanta and does anyone else remember a report on the news or in one of the papers that said that the army had bought 1,000,000 cans of red bull to be issued to drivers i wonder if all the red bull the efi had was the same stuff, and the price of toileties was outragous good job the post got through with all the stuff i got sent from friends and family
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  9. Ha! Bringing back memories I remember that now, having to come away with tons of stuff you didnt even want because they never had any change. Mind you guess it was better than nothing at all.

    Worst thing was everyone had millions of fags becuase they were so cheap but lighters were like rocking horse sh1t
  10. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Always preferred SANDE'S for a cuppa & a sticky bun!It's a wonder the NAAFI have'nt kicked them out of B.Kinler.
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  11. During the first few months of Telic, EFI hadn't got a list of prices. Consequently, unlabelled items were sold for whatever the bloke behind the counter thought he could get away with. Other items, that had been brought in from the shelves of NAAFI, bore price labels in the local currency. Regardless of what that currency was, the charge was that number of $US. While this was a bargain for the few items that originated in UK, the same was not true for those items that came in from Europe, especially those from Germany that had DM labels.

    Remind me, when did Germany adopt the Euro? (1 January 2002, so the stuff had been on the shelves for more than 15 months already).
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  12. quality tucker apart from the bible thumping bit :D :D :D :D
  13. if you want to see the naafi really screwing the army come to Elmpt the have the whole camp wrapped up under contract. Including Sqn and Regimental bars where the have to buy stock from NAAFI, close if they make to much money and give half the profit back to the NAAFI even when they aren't

    Also because there is no competition offers available at JHQ which is competitive doesn't carry over to Elmpt which isn't.
  14. NAAFI Never 'ave 'anyfing in

    Jobs for the big boys when they retire...its one big shit sandwich...
  15. I know a CO who has recently banned NAAFI financial services from his unit until they can write a letter seeking permission that has his rank correct, name correct, address correct, spelling and grammar correct, factually correct and finally when they have re-imbursed him after he had to pay the excess postage on said letter.

    He wasn't very happy and I do believe NAAFI grownups have been summoned !!
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