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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by RNMAMULL, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. Does anyone play the Close Combat series of games from Matrix on PC?If so anyone up for an online game?
  2. woww thats an old game, i used to play invasion normandy but not multiplayer
  3. My normandycopy won't work anymore ;9 Good series though.. used to piss people off online by setting up an ambush on likely approachs with a flanking force to come round and smash them after they had committed all of their force into my killing area :)
  4. wacht am rhein (CC4) is still shit - don't like fixed force composition being imposed. Cross of Iron / CC3 was great - almost like an RPG sometimes, in taking the same force through from start to finish. you could get quite attached to units after they racked up a few kills.

    longest day is the strongest of the lot in my opinion. rework of Arnhem is great, but doesn't stack up as well as storming the beaches etc.

    i still remember buying the original CC - it was the first game to specify "must have Windows 95 to play".

    as for downloads etc - have you played Okinawa? that was the pick of the bunch i think. quite funny to see some of the japanese units - cheapest was men with sharpened bamboo sticks! those suicide bombers were twats though.
  5. I won a VC once at Arnhem, do I get post nominals?
  6. yes, that entitles you to wear the medal in real life as well.
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  7. CC2 was brilliant, by far the best. Trying to site your only 6pdr AT gun so that it can knock out a Tiger, or persuading your PIAT team to creep up on a Jagdpanther and praying that they immobilise it with their first round before they get absolutely creamed. CC3 had its moments, but because it covered the whole Eastern Front from 41 to 45 it lacked the cohesion of the Arnhem campaign.

    Things went downhill from there. CC4 had a serious bug that crashed the game and wiped the campaign; unbelivably annoying. CC5 was Utah beach to Cherbourg; overwhelming Allied force against second-line Ostruppen, complete no-contest. It should have been the British/Canadian beaches to Caen, but then, of course, the Americans wouldn't have bought it...
  8. the invasion normandy game was quite easy as allies but when u went into editor you got the option to add the ss panzer divisions to the campaign map for what if missions and with those tiger tanks and elite infantry it became alot more interesting, i enjoyed the supply system also

  9. I always found the PIAT teams to be unbelieveably crap shots - even from as little as 25yds. A much better bet (in the game at least) was to use a flamethrower team - as long as you got them in range, they always seemed to to smoke their target first time (or at least second time after very shortly after).

    My best kill was when I got a mortar team to drop a bomb into the open cab of a Marder from the other side of the Nijnmegan town square! :)
  10. What a great game - only had the Arnhem campaign but the scenario editor gave it a unique appeal. especially as you could war game how a dispersed force of snipers and Panzerfaust teams could degrade a pretty meaty force. Or simply put a companies worth of 3rd rate light infantry ( think a Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard and ACF ) into a small area before letting loose a Brigades worth of flamethrowers and tank-mounted howitzers :) .

    Which brings me to asking if anyone can suggest a close modern equivalent?
  11. have you not played the Gold Juno Sword mod then? outstanding, covers things like the Merville battery etc.

    Close Combat Modern Tactics - except it's shit, because there is no campaign. it's just individual scenarios, but you can wargame e.g. Brits vs insurgents in iraq or afghan.

    i find it surprisingly dull, to be honest. which is a real shame because you'd think that the combination of CC model + modern scenarios would be fantastic.
  12. Good to see that it can be played but £27 to download what is most definately a 'classic' !!!!!!!!
  13. There is, of course, 'Close Combat - RAF Regiment'.

    Now you've stopped laughing, it is a modern, Iraq based tactical game where the troops do everything the RAF Regiment don't - there's not an airfield in sight.

    I'll be honest - I was a 'technical advisor' and got credits on the game - purely because I engaged with the developers on a forum.............honest!

    I'm still waiting for Close Combat-ACF Instructor:)

    Seriously though, I love all the variations of that game and I have every version! I used to do Case's ladder in the late 90s, fighting all sorts of online oppos on my specially designed CC3 Russian Front map - be warned!
  14. I take it a "contact" is being bollocks deep in a 13yr old?