Close Combat games

has anyone got any of the Close Combat series of games? been playing them since they came out in 95, but the discs for CC3 and CC5 have now gone beyond repair so i can't install them on my new laptop. i can buy CC5 secondhand through amazon, but no idea where to get CC3 (or CC2 - a bridge too far).

if you've got them, please PM me.

(for those who wonder what the hell i'm banging on about, it's the best tactical level game ever invented :) )
4 was shit. potentially really good setting (bastogne) ruined by crap execution.

5 is fantastic, especially multiplayer. Gold Juno Sword gives it a whole new life again, as does Okinawa (if you know how to avoid the bugs).

aaaaaaaand look what i just found when looking through the old links... Close Combat 6 - Cross Of Iron!

looks like an updated version of CC3 (arguably the best one, toss up between that and CC5) but with complete new extra campaign, improved AI, various other bits & bobs and lots of mod support etc. downloading it now, £20's a bargain!

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