Close casket for Fat Teddy..Why?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ctauch, Aug 28, 2009.

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  1. So they are queuing up at the JFK library to view a closed casket with Fat Teddy the IRA supporter in it. Question in my mind is why closed casket, most lay in state in open view unless they suffered a disfiguring accident.

    So I'm guessing the coward put a bullet through his own head or his doris caved in his skull.

    Any other reasons????
  2. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'he's fcuk-ugly.'
  3. Maybe the Tumor made a Break for Freedom ala "Alien" out of the Fat Fcuks skull
  4. Probably to stop one of the many, many millions (myself included) that are glad that he is dead putting an axe through his head just to make sure.

    Will his hearse be diving off a bridge, blowing up thousands of innocent civilians and drowning rape victims? Just wondered if he wanted to die the way he lived.

    Dante will have to invent a whole new level now that this cnut has turned up.
  5. His nose dropped off from tertiary syphilis?
  6. Ctauch:

    At a guess, the family knows that a good many of the thousands of people who file past the casket at the Kennedy Library would take, or at least try to take, pictures as some sort of a momento or something and they might regard this as distasteful or morbid. I know I would be upset at strangers snapping pics of a deceased relative. Especially as I have heard reports that he had lost an enormous amount of weight in the past couple of weeks.

    Just to add a few comments from the area:

    By the way, I was amazed at the turnout along the procession route today. All the way from Hyannis to Boston the streets were lined with people with flags and signs of support. All the highway rest areas were full of parked cars and the police could not move all the cars stopped at the side of the road and gave up. I understand that the crowds in downtown Boston watching the procession were huge. The crowds were quite orderly.

    Saturday could be a nightmare and I am grateful I work for another city, not Boston. The funeral is at a large church in an area that was a respectable working class area 70-80 years ago but which now is dominated by crime ridden housing projects. It was chosen as it was a church Kennedy used to frequent when his daughter was sick with cancer. The church is close to most of the major teaching hospitals. The funeral will be attended by the president, 4 former presidents (Carter, Clinton Bush 41 and Bush 43) most of the Senate and Congress, Gordon Brown, Brian Cowen and many others. Very large crowds are expected near the church and along the procession route.

    Not far away and starting just as the funeral ends is the Caribbean Festival which draws a very large crowd from the Afro-Caribbean community and is designed to celebrate the diversity of Boston and the customs and culture of the Caribbean. Sadly, one of the customs seems to be shooting and knifing other participants. I think they have had at least 2 shootings each year with one year reaching 10 shootings. It probably averages 4-5 with a similar number of stabbings if you discount minor wounds. It is an event that always requires a substantial number of police.

    Drawing in extra police is made more difficult due to the fact that a police officer in a nearby town was killed the day the senator died, run over by an elderly driver. Many police will be at the funeral and patrolling in his town to free up his colleagues to attend the service (at the same time as the senator's).

    Then to add a bit of icing to the cake we are expecting that Tropical Storm / Hurricane Danny will hit Saturday. Looking on the bright side it might keep the crowds down.

    The public safety officials of Boston will earn every penny of their pay on Saturday.

    Not quite on thread but a few local notes.

    By the way, I disagree with all of the senators policies and have never voted for him but I have to take issue with the poster who described him as "nasty" His nephew Joe can be nasty, his late nephew Michael was nasty. I belonged to the same club as the Senator and on the occasions I ran into him found him to be genial, pleasant and courteous. If he came into the steam bath he would not adjust the temperature without asking politely "OK if I turn this up (or down) a bit" and if someone objected would leave the steam valve alone. I never discussed anything more substantial with him than the value of a knuckleball pitcher in the Boston Red Sox starting rotation but he never seemed nasty.
  7. We'll have Nathan Hale in here in a minute telling you you are all anti-American!

    If only he knew!
  8. David BOC
    I don't see this as attached to DeadKennedy. It seems to be a thing America does (well in my opinion) Some while back we had report on here of murder on duty of Dallas police officer Norman Smith. Cannot find the vid but the turnout was just as described by David BOC. Maybe not as extensive but the route lining as described and a bloody big church filled to overflowing and mourners outside.
  9. Septic grief whores :wink:
  10. They do love their dead bodies, them yanks. I'm glad they've got themselves this one.
  11. It's America. The CDC probably advised it to keep the brain cancer germs in.

  12. Because his flies are at half mast?

    Or it was early closing?
  13. For information Norman Smith was the son of a British soldier. He went to the Duke of Yorks Royal Military school before moving to the States
    Apologies for going off topic.
  14. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    It is to stop people skiffing him to check he is really dead.

    I would rather they just put a stake through his heart then sever his head to ensure he won't rise from the dead.

    If ever there was a man who deserved a lingering and unpleasant death it was him. perhaps God doesn't work in such mysterious ways after all and is now laughing his cobs off about the end of the murdering dog faced pr1ck.
  15. Nothing in there but sandbags.

    Reliably informed by a bloke down the pub that he is going to buried in a tidal channel just off Chappaquiddick Island. It is however taking a bit of time to find a 1967 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 to put him in because Jay Leno has told them to fcuk off.