Close call

It must be so gratifying for these award recipients to know that their government and local authority think the world of them and will do all in their power to make them feel wanted and appreciated.
I never cease to be amazed by these citations and always think how many more never made it to the final list? Stirring stuff and further proof that we still maintain the highest standards of training, professionalism, and guts.
I was amused by the article, in the Express; Where he said he was more worried about telling his mum what he had been up to, than facing the Taliban.

Mums never seem to let go.
Shot in the head? Nope, a round hit his helmet. He got up and continued with his job. How does this gain an MC?

This is shot in the head...

Hero soldier returned fire against the Taliban after he was shot in the head and lost a piece of his skull | Mail Online

..and no award for him, despite him continuing to fire back with a hole the size of a hand in his napper and eventually becoming unconcious, still firing.
The MC is for what he did after he was hit. Not for getting hit.
Compare these citations to those from Ops BANNER, DESERT STORM and GRAPPLE and you realise that the Government are trying to save a few bob by issuing fewer medals. Many citations don't make the cut.
And poor old Tropper? nothing, despite surviving that cold wet and windy Belfast night, bang out of order says i.

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