Close action

That is amazing! Any idea what these guys are doing?
Really interesting little clip there redcap, cheers.
longwayhome said:
That is amazing! Any idea what these guys are doing?
The Information Pixies of Wakipedia said:
Incredible as it seems, live high voltage transmission lines can be worked barehanded. The lineman must be isolated from the ground by using an insulated bucket truck or other method. The lineman wears special conductive clothing which is connected to the live power line, at which point the line and the lineman are at the same potential, allowing the lineman to handle the wire safely. Such work is often done from helicopters and is considered a highly specialized area of line work; few linemen have the special training to perform it. Barehanded live-wire work can theoretically be done at any voltage, but because better protective means are available for lower voltages, it is only used for transmission-level voltages and sometimes for the higher distribution voltages. Live wire work is extremely common on low voltage distribution systems within the UK as all linesmen are trained to work 'live'. Live wire work on high voltage distribution systems within the UK is carried out by specialist teams. These teams are sometimes referred to as 'Hot Glove' teams.

There was footage of other guys knocking ice from power lines during the Ice Storm in Canada a few years back on telly (Five I think) earlier this evening.
as long as you maintain a passage for the flow of electricity you are safe.

I work on "low voltage", upto 1000v using gloves and it's safe!?!

Volts are ok.

Amps KILL!

(not sure about the long term efects tho' own feelings are it's not healthy!)
Cool vid, i left the army in 79 and got a job with the now National grid ,working on the transmission system up to 400,000 kv we work on the conductors ( wires )using trolleys so the yank in the vid had his work cut out simming along .Great job in the summer not so winter but great lads good team work( just like the forces )We use baskets suspended beneath the helicopter and then thats landed onto the conductors
Lostanddazed (Is that cos you are as old and dazed as me?). Never knew that we did such things in this country. Amazed it has not been publicized here. It fascinated me. I thought the heli flying was cool until I saw the guy do his stuff. Danger money? Civdiv X-factor paid?
Lostanddazed (Is that cos you are as old and dazed as me?).

Yes afraid so :eek: this country its called live line working ( ideas adopted from the french) We also work dead line working but even though the power is switched off the conductors still carry up to 900 amps so we earth everything .As the guy in the vid said its all procedures and practice great job i was really lucky to get it ,2 jobs since leavimg school ; Army & this one

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