cloned driving licences.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Grumblegrunt, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    here's an odd one

    dvla letter turns up with an application in for my missus. I asked whats going on and she said her licence was a forgery and she had to get a new one.

    apparently she tested her own stuff when she was doing forgery training and it came up hooky. according to dvla a load of proper licences were stolen a few years back yet whoever nicked them then sent forgeries out to those they stole from. I assume they nicked the outgoing mail.

    anyone know any more on this - it's rather wierd.
  2. I expect by now only a minority of driving licences are valid documents held by the original person who passed a legal UK driving test. Even when i worked as an investigator a couple of decades ago, there were vast numbers of fake driving licences and/or faked driving test holders in circulation - particularly among certain communities. I think well over 90% of the fraud cases i investigated also included other offences, including false driving licences or false identities.

    Its one of those 'too difficult"/"might upset ethnic groups" issues that the government has buried for years.

    Recent developments now of course include hundreds of thousands driving on a foreign licence most likely obtained for cash in the country of origin. So much for road safety...
  3. Your wife trained as a forger? Is she making big money? :smile:
  4. No just small, low denomination notes!
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  5. Or "a quarter of an inch too big". (The old ones are the best ...)
  6. When I worked in the docks off/loading cars for import/export mid to late 90s this was known about, we had a high turnover of so it cropped up regularly.
  7. Would it happen to be that certain group that Bradford is well known for and who drive around like absolute morons with some of them barely able to see over the wheel?

  8. Has Stillpax been banned yet ?

    Only asking.
  9. Given the length of time the DVLA is taking to get to grips with the stolen log books, this should be done well withing my son's lifetime.