Cloggies new spin on santa claus....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by labrat, Sep 30, 2005.

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  1. Fan bloody tastic.....

    Video: (in dutch)

    "On Wednesday, the Buttplug gnome, as it is affectionately known as will be ready to ship. The artwork has cost 280,000 euro and was in storage since December since the Rotterdam town council banned it's unveiling. The council was scared that the public would be offended by the large garden gnome with a large 'styled' Christmas tree in his hand.

    Now, a location has been found and the statue can be displayed for the coming 18 months. The council had commissioned a piece of art and the artist (Paul McCarthy) decided to make a protest against commercialism, especially at Christmas, through the medium of sculpture."

    ps. the lass in the video certianly seems to know what ones used for ;o)
  2. Didn't understand a word of it but a picture paints a thousand words! It does concern me though that a bluffer can turn out this sh*te and call themselves an artist..............................Constable was an artist, van Gogh was an artist, Raphael was an Sir, are not!

    Wouldn't mind seeing some of that "art" in the blond chick though!! :lol: