Clocks go forward tonight

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Negligent-Discharge, Mar 24, 2012.

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  1. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Don't forget to put your alarm/phone/oven timer/watch forward tonight
  2. Shan't.
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  3. Me neither.

    Bring on the revolution.

    If I miss Andrew Marr I'll be a bit pissed off though, and did you know that they have moved Sunday Kitchen to Channel 4? I'll have to re-tune my telly for a bit of Tim Lovejoy and his spatulas.

    The very horror.

  4. You have a Telly?!!

    I threw mine out the window one night in 1986 when I realised my post pub viewing was "Prisoner Cell Block H".

    The shame of it scars me to this day.:oops:

    I blame the whole thing on temporal disorientation brought about by biannual clock manipulation.
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  5. 8 minutes until we implode for not changing our clocks.
  6. Well fuckem if they can't take a joke.
  7. Do they? I'm joining the revolution too. Cause I honestly couldn't care less and most of my stuff does it automatically.
  8. What time is it? Is it still Friday?
  9. What time is it in Liverpool?
  10. Crack time.
  11. Hush, you want to be an officer. In the AGC. It's lucky I'm here to look after you and keep the big boys away.

    Plus, you married Storm.
  12. Jarrod...tame her!!!!
  13. Hammer time.