Clocks go forward tonight

I know....and it pisses me off....I collect watches and it takes me ages....I think I will leave them until it is 'it's' time for an airing!!
I'm going to leave mine on GMT & refuse to accept this foreign time muck.

Now where did I leave my Daily Heil?
Why why why why why why why do we keep pissing about with clocks. Leave 'em on GMT for gods' sake. You don't gain any daylight, and you wouldn't need it in summer anyway FFS.

Mind you, I'm out of Europe at the moment so it won't affect me 'til i get back to UK. I'll just be 3 hours ahead instead of 4.

How about ARRSE on Zulu time anybody?
I realize I am late in posting this, but change the battery in your smoke detector, too. No sense waking up to find yourself a crispy critter because the alarm didn't sound.
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