Clock ticking for Clegg!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sebcoe, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. After listening/reading about the wonderful things the Libdems are going do do for the UK, how long do you think Clegg has got as leader, and when he goes (not If) who will replace him?

    As they are all weak!
  2. Faust was given 24 years in his deal with the Devil

    Clegg has only another 2 year before the Devil takes his soul.
  3. About the same as CMD has as leader of the Tories; until May 5th 2015.

    I am not looking forward to the end of Clegg. Just like when Millipede goes he shall inevitability be replaced in the leadership by a sanctimonious prick impersonating an economist.
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  4. I think Clegg will go sooner as, there is no confidence in him, however a stalking horse, will be more like a shetland pony (don't mention it to Sluggy)
  5. Would you care to expand, I'm tied between several people at the moment?
  6. Biggest political meltdown since they, the Liberals, fought dirty against the suffragettes and lost.

    No difference here, the Hermannic liberals, the FDP, are about to vanish up their own hoops having come into the coalition with a mandate based on them cutting taxes. Whoops, the tax burden has risen.
  7. Clegg will be replaced with Cable.

    Millipede will be replaced by Balls. (not however before he has become our next PM)

    I really can not look at the face of Balls without getting angry. I have never wanted to punch anyone more.
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  8. You should keep out of the S&M clubs.
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  9. It does seem that as Cleggie begins to see more and more of the naughty, unkind remarks about him scrawled on the toilet walls in Westminster that he is beginning to spout increasingly more bizarre wibble.
    Willy Wonka on speed would have more sensible and palatable* policies.

    *See what i did there.
  10. I recon Millipedes big bro will take on the challenge, as for cable....I am just about to lay one myself!
  11. If Clegg wasn't a Godless heathen, he'd know the old saying…

    'For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?'

    Well Nick, you didn't even sell your political soul for the whole world, you sold it for a crock of Tory shit.

  12. [​IMG]

    Tomorrow belongs to me!
  13. The terribly sad thing is there is no one in politics today worth even pissing on in the unlikely event they caught fire .

    Boris for PM , if only for the comedy value .

    As to who follows Clegg as leader of Lib Dems ? Who cares ? They are finished anyway .
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  14. Where shall I send the bill for a new laptop screen?
  15. Very recently I heard one snippet on R4 about a major row going on between Balls and Milliband but there's been nothing since and nothing elsewhere.

    I think Clegg will face a coup at some point. And Milliband. And Cameron. And if not, I hope so. But I fear Balls more than any of them. And I can't stand Hazel flipper Blears. Or Harperson.
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