clock change this weekend

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by bullet_catcher, Mar 26, 2010.

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  1. All change to British Summer Time or whatever they call it this weekend.

    Just a thought, but if we moved our clocks four hours forward as we seemingly did in WW2, would that help us to do more business with China and the USA?
  2. Sorry, have I unknowingly wandered into Viz's Top Tips? :?
  3. How about we don't change them,I can have an extra hours sleep instead.
  4. I'll vote for that.
  5. Why not go to a decimal clock? 10 seconds to the minute, 10 minutes to the hour, etc.

    Then, I could claim to have shagged for hours! Well, minutes anyway...
  6. And lived through 3 centuries :D
  7. That's a revolutionary idea!

    French to be precise...

  8. In fact bugger that, Xmas, birthdays etc would come around far to quickly for my liking, instead change 1 day to an hour, then xmas would come around once in a ...... oh you do the maths!
  9. Way too much time on my hands today!

    1 Milliday (1.44 Mins) (86.4 Secs )
    10 Millidays = 1 Centiday (14.4 Mins) (14 Mins 24 Secs)
    100 Centidays = 1 Metric Day (1440 Mins) = 24 Hrs