I heard today at an MCM brief that EFP's will cease to be by the end of the year. They are to be replaced by something called CLM, or thats what it sounded like. Anybody know more than me about this.

Is it still worth trying to do an EFP 2 or just wait to the new system kicks in, which was described as an attendance course. ??? ???
Don't hang around mate, do whats on offer now, it will only slow you down if you wait.  
The course syllabus etc has not been finalised yet, as the ECAB has yet to approve the change.
I don't suppose it was the REME MCM div roadshow was it?


If you can get on EFP 2 now - do so.

It's virtually an attendance course anyway (how many people do you know that have failed it?)  and you will actually learn something which is a nice change for an Army course.
I've done EFP 2, and while I'd never admit it in the mess, I thoought it was a good course, the only problem were the idiots who thought they were too special to learn - Tiffys and green slime basically.

The new course may be loads better - but who knows, if you are up for it now then do it now, and go as a grown up!
I also enjoyed my EFP2, even though I'm a Tiffy. I also learnt stuff.  
I reckon the tiffies who think they are too clever are the Technicians.  
Everyone knows they are brainy, but they have absolutely no common sense ;D


Re Snot hat's comments above-I know the  problem-I was also that green slime picked on without fail in my EFP-I am now the educator doing the picking-and I use everyone for ideas and no it is not always the muppet who is the best (the Corps has its fair share of dingbats) :eek: :eek:
why did you join the ETS of all things, why not become commissioned slime - although I suppose the lid is a nicer shade of green!
oh and another thing, what does CLM stand for.

I hear that you ETS types think it means:

Careers Limited to Major

Can't Learn Management

Crappy Learning Methods

Certainly Leaving MOD

Any other offers?


why did you join the ETS of all things, why not become commissioned slime - although I suppose the lid is a nicer shade of green!
I'd had enough of the Corps and didn't fancy sitting at a desk watching someone do the job I was doing a few years previous-ETS is great for hands on teaching time and being involved witht he rest of the organisation-don't believe me?-go to the ed centre and see what the ETS guys do
I've been trying for ages in NI to get on EFP2, but our Regt only gets a handful of vacancies each time.

Perversely, I've actually been sliding down the list of priorities cos there always seems to be someone posted in to scupper my chances.  Try explaining that to the promotion board.  Hoorah for the system!!

Perhaps I'm giving off cynical vibes?   :mad:


PoisonDwarf-it won't matter after the end of the year-you will go on CLM after you have been picked up for promotion

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