I completed the JNCO CLM pt 2 about four months ago. Whether its just teething problems or some such other factor i actually found it to be a waste of time and resources.

I was selected for promotion to fullscrew in Sept 2002 but did not get to wear it till 22 Dec 2003, they say part 2 CLM is to be completed as soon as selection has occured and promotion will not come forth until the course is complete, however I was caught up in the transition so did my Junior Commanders Course (RE) in 2003 which I was told would fully qualify me to wear the extra tape.

I was then promoted on posting and was then told to do the part 2 CLM course to ensure substantive rank, being told that part 1 was done on my JCC. I then did a little digging about, considering we knew about CLM coming in since early 2003, i thought i might be exempt pt 2. this was not the case so i then had to attend.

I did the course, only three days, and did not actually benefit at all. My JCC had actually covered everything and more beforehand. as far as I am aware the course structure for the JCC has not changed since i did it so lads picked up this year are likely to have the same findings as me.

I completed the course and as far as i could see it was as efp used to be but on a more basic level, all persons (9) who attended my course left with green gradings, (top marks) one other who was going on his Clk Of Works course then followed this up with his Snco CLM which he said he found relatively easy.

good luck its not a hard course but the instructors can be a bit patronising depending from what arm u r in.
Sluice_dweller said:
Any more thoughts on CLM now its been around for a while?
Cheat Lie Manipulate / Cuff Like Me, there are several schools of thought on this course, mainly the people who thought it was c rap due to being new, and those people who genuinely just thought it was cr ap!
I've just completed the first of 3 weeks SNCO CLM.
Got to do a Modular Review (posh word for essay) this weekend to hand in on Monday & I've got to look at Britain's Defence Missions & Tasks over the weekend, choose a topic & do a presentation on Wed. The only hassle I'm having is finding up to date stats etc.
Trying to find any decent up to date facts & figures on the site is well needle in a haystack springs to mind!
Anyone now of a decent place I can find this stuff (before Wednesday would be really good...Lol)?
I've done both the Senior and Junior CLM. The junior one is a waste of time for anybody with half a brain although there were a few thickies who were ambered on two of the three subjects. The senior one is quite a bit better. Very civvyfied though. We were given the marking guide for each essay before we wrote it which showed what topics we had to mention. We were then asked for an opinion on something. How can you write down your own opinion when you know what topics you have to talk about? A bit crap in that respect.
Lordfelcher said:
what a load of Shi'ite! total waste of time, I hope the senior one is a bit more interesting (if I get that far!)
I can't comment on the JNCO CLM - as i havn't done it.

In reference to the SNCO part, well the last day of the course is tomorrow so i'll find out if i'm all green or amber. The course itself is VERY civilianised in it's structure, they teach you about the theory aspect of leadership/management, and by the means of Module Reviews (indeed an essay in disguise) they can "mark" your ability to apply the theory to practical. Some of the stuff has been interesting and worthwhile, however a lot is just bone. Who really needs to know about Pareto's Law? (If youv'e done it you'll know). They also put a huge emphasis on Defence Knowledge, and if you know little about this before the course you know a hell of a lot more afterwards. In all the course seems like something that is taught at sandhurst (maybe not, but certainly originally aimed at commisioned level), that they have tried to apply to the NCO world. Some times it worked sometimes it didn't. Thats my two pence worth for now anyway.
I teach CLM JNCO Pt 1 and am about to move to a job where I will teach elements of SNCO pt 2 - They are both total bollox - Just the Education Corp couldn't cope with demand. Its all too pink and Fluffy. For an example just look at the example they want you to use for formal orders - a Fcuking swimming Gala WTF.
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