Just finished first week of CLM, please tell me the Corps specific part is less patronising! :x How to write a loose minute........ARRSE!
I told you the CLM cse would tell you exactly what you do every day!

I was not backward in being forward on the critique - make sure you are not either. They appear to have taken the thoughts about WO CLM, because its format is changing as of Sep 06. The content of tha WO cse would be quite useful at SNCO CLM when you could learn it and then apply it, but the you probably use it already to have been selected for WO. The most useful part is getting the WOs of different Corps and Regts together in a structured forum to develop the principle and ideals preached on the cse with a varied view point - the cse misses the point a bit and wastes avaluable opportunity.

I too fear the Corps delivered part and assume that it will be a bone as the rest of the CLM and with added RLC for poor measure!
Just finished WO CLM. The next course is changing and will only be 8 days long as they have got rid of the bone stuff that as a generic WO in the Corp (if there is such a thing) you will use once to pass the end of course summative assessment.

The best part of the course was 24 WO's getting togther and airing what is good/bad about Corp/Army/offside rule etc. The point raised about the value of ideas being exchnage and the management issued and working practices discussed on the course (obviously after hours in the true bar*/classroom) were invaluable.
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