Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by rlcsoldier, Jan 14, 2010.

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  1. i dont want to sound thick but im due to go on my clm soon and have been given my equipment list..3 things popped up which i have never heard of these being CEMO, CEFO and AATAM 2005...can anyone shed any light for me? thanks
  2. .............Incoming!

  3. Wah shield on!

    CEMO Complete Equipment Marching Order

    Webbing + Bergan (Fully packed for the field)

    CEFO Complete Equipment Fighting Order

    Webbing/Assault Vest/Manbag + Side Pouches/Patrol Pack (Packed for scrappin!)

    AATAM 2005 Not a fooking scooby (Tactical Aide Memoire of some variety?)
  4. AATAM All Arms Tactical Aide Memoire
  5. WAH Shield on/

    i thought the 'C' stood for Combat in both of those and not Complete?

    R u a bandie or what??
  7. Might be combat; my hand writing was so shite in my best book it could have said anything. Ah well, over to the grown-ups!
  8. It's complete.

    That way, they can rag you for not having, say, your issued trainers in your bergan as that would make it "incomplete" :wink:
  9. cheers for the issued trainers ummm not a chance, taken off my 1157 immediately, have always worn my own
  10. You don't have trainers in your bergan according to the Pam, it's spare boots, but technically thats Packing of CEMO not CEMO itself........
  11. Trainers? Spare boots??? Flip flops should do! :p
  12. Am still struggling to believe this thread!!! If gen you have had some dogsh£t instructors!!!!
  13. absolute definite WAH

    you cannot be going on CLM when you've never come across equipment states!
  14. Of course you can. Equipment states are often not referred to and a soldier will be given a packing list which details the equipment required.

    When briefing soldiers it is common to tell them to be at a location with weapon/helmet/webbing/bergan.

    AATAM 2005 is usually simply referred to as Tams.

    Soldiers are bombarded with abreviations and constantly ask what they mean.
  15. Im still not sure what CLM stands for.......

    But i knew the others if that helps!