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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by Titch79, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. Has the CLM workbook been scrapped? I'm based at a RAF base and a little out of touch!
  2. Not that I know of. You should be able to download it from DII. Alternatively, there is a copy of it in the JEC in MPA if you want to go over and photocopy it.

    I'm still off school, or would send you a link.
  3. 77 AEC at Aldershot have scrapped the workbook but have stated that if you want to pursue the qualification, you will be required to conduct several pieces of homework and pay the cost on CLM 3. If you continue the book you will just have to pay the amount of about £180ish after CLM 3 and that is it. I'm sure that if you continue the book, task 6 use of numbers could be scrapped but speak to your LDO.

    Titch ping me a message with your RLI address and I will sent you the email confirming this action...could be AEC wide!
  4. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    Indeed being sacked, if you haven't already started don't bother.
  5. I got informed about 10 days ago that the workbook has indeed now been scrapped
  6. I take it that's across all the AEC's, so now you will do Pt 1 then what in place Of the work book? Then onto the Pt 3 at the AEC?
    Any links to DIN's or AEC reference would be a help.
    Half way through my work book and don't fancy wasting more time on this shit!


  7. There is a DIN but it's back in the office and I don't have it to hand right now. From memory I think it is number 07 of this year but if you have DII access just do a search for CLM and it will come up (dated 20something January 11 and supersedes the previous one).

    The guy responsible for this DIN was very helpful on the phone (contact details are on the front cover) and explained it along the lines of:

    1. Workbook wasn't working.

    2. Workbook to be binned - DIN says results don't need to be recorded after 31 January 11.

    3. Stuff from the workbook will be moved into either Part 1 (Arms and Services delivered), or Part 3 (AEC).

    4. Anything not moved into Part 1 or 3 will be covered by re-vamped WiPs.

    This is my general understanding of what will be happening but I'm sure more will come out in the wash, as more people become aware and start asking questions.

    My personal opinion is that the whole thing has been a dog's dinner and I've yet to meet anyone who actually understood the process to the degree the old system worked (either EPC / EFP), or found it to be more useful.

    Hope this helps.

  8. Cheers HF, chuffed with that. I'll have a scan on Monday for the DIN.


  9. Correct details for the DIN are:

    2011DIN07-017 "Changes to Army Command Leadership and Management (CLM) training.