Discussion in 'REME' started by CraftyJay, Aug 12, 2009.

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  1. Sorry in advance if this has been covered before, but after getting different answers from everyone I've spoken too, I'm still in the dark about this workbook/new CLM process. Does it have to be completed to sit on the board for Cpl, do I complete it after coming off the board. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. As far I am aware you need to complete JCLM Pt 2(Workbook) and Pt 3 (AEC) after youve picked up your full Screw, I'm not a 100% sure if they have to be completed to get substansive Full screw though. You definately need to have completed Parts 2 & 3 to be eligible to go to the Sgt's Board.
  3. across all ranks the deal is pt1 will get the substansive rank but pt2 &3 must be done to go to the next board up so if in your case your a l/cpl then you need to have complete all 3 parts of your l/cpl clm (whatever the technical term is) to go to the cpl board. Once you have come off the board and done pt 1 of your JCLM then you are substanive but need to do pt2&3 to go to the stripes board etc etc
  4. J,

    To keep it simple im going to assume you are a substansive LCpl.

    To go to the Cpl selection board you do not have to have completed any of the JNCO CLM, although if you have already done so and done well, a good course report will help.
    Once selected you will then have to complete JNCO CLM part 1 to become a sub Cpl. Then you go on to complete parts 2 + 3 at your leisure, (sooner the better though) before you can be considered for subsequent promotion to Sgt.

    If you are not sub LCpl then that is your first objective. Complete a PNCO (the technical term for LCpl CLM and there is only one part) and get that actioned on JPA.

    I understand your confusion and hope this helps.
  5. Thanks for the help but its still none the wiser, I'm a substansive LCpl promoted Oct 07 haven't done any of the new CLM stuff though did my old 1A before I picked up . Got a decent CR last year and I'm now on my class 1 till June 2010 so no CR this year, and no chance to do any CLM stuff at all. Has this basically stopped me looking at full screw for the next 2 years
  6. Crafty Jay Why don't you use all of your NCO skills to walk over to 9 AEC, its the building under the clock tower and ask the professionals about CLM?

    If you are on leave at the moment I'm sure a week or so wont matter, as you said you were promoted in Oct 07 and have only just started to look in to CLM..
  7. I've asked already and all I was told as there was only one education officer in we couldn't get briefed then. When the new system came into play I asked Fally education center and was told I didn't need to worry till I came off the board. That's why my original post was asking what I needed to sit on the board, The second post was just some extra info to help with any other useful replies I got, knew I should have asked an artisan
  8. I find it hard to believe you were knobed off by the Education Centre, however they might well have been undermanned at the time you asked. Go in and speak to the Chief Clerk, in the office opposite the Learn Direct Centre and book an appointment to see one of the LDOs.

    Sometimes you have to take an active interest in your own career and manage yourself. Exhausting all official avenues. I have just had a quick look on ArmyNet and there is lots of info and a contact name and number for more specific REME advice.

    If you have still not had all your questions answered please PM me and I will try and help you out as I will probably be teaching you at some point on your Class 1 and no I'm not a civvie.... :wink:
  9. Jay,

    Just been to the education centre today and Urban has explained it correctly but I'm going to say it a slightly different way to see if it helps you:

    Inorder to be eligible to be selected on the Cpl's promotion board, all you require is 2 years substansive rank of LCpl.

    Once selected you will require JCLM 08 Part 1 (A&ST) to be a substansive Cpl.

    To be eligible to be selected on the Sgt's board you require 2 years substansive rank of Cpl and JCLM 08 Parts 2 (WBL) and 3 (AEC).

    However, being eligible does NOT mean that you will definately be selected!

    Urban I realise i've just said exactly the same as you but it seemed jay was having troubles....hope I didnt offend!
  10. Thanks smudge I was sure urban was correct but naked mole rat said different so whats a lad to do? All I was worried about was missing 2 shots at the board for not having the quals and not being able to get them till I leave SEME. Thanks for leaving the big gaps in your post too, makes dragging my finger across the screen easier :p
  11. Jay,
    Stop flapping mate, you are never going to get promoted again anyway...................
  12. No probs Smudge.

    Thoroughly confusing policy not helped by the fact that a great many Offrs/SNCOs we deal with on a daily basis don't understand it.
  13. Cheers for the help lads much appreciated. Taz I'm sure you'll be time served and busy ruining deutschlands bambi population by the time i'll get near another tape
  14. AEC courses here may have to be cancelled because of lack of Cpl's with completed workbooks, go figure. :?
  15. Knew it wasn't just me :D
    Could be interesting if this is more widespread, might cause problems a couple of years down the line?