Clm to cmi time expired programme

has anyone out there done this time expired programme to gain CMI accreditation? i did my CLM in 05 and have tried to get CMI accredited but was told i would have to go down the time expired route, my name would be added to a list and someone from CMI would contact me and get me started, heard nothing for ages!

i was also told, but find very hard to believe, that CLM on its own is recognised in civvie street?!?! this was from my career consultant, all i have from my CLM is a bit of paper saying i got green/passed in a few subjects, i wouldn't say it was even a certificate just evidence i attended the CLM its self. any thoughts?

many thanks guys.
CLM on its own is not worth anything in civvy street I'm afraid unless you are pretty good at blagging gullible interviewers.It may prove useful as a talking point to enable you to expand on your management experience
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