CLM Part 1, course dates, downgraded?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by xxx_avenged_xxx, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. I am desperately trying to find out about course dates for the CLM Part 1 in Deepcut as there is no one in my unit to help and my boss insists i've to arrange it all myself but I am getting nowhere! Can anyone help?
    Also I am downgraded for to P7 at the minute and could not do the exercise part of the course, does this mean I will not be able to get substantial Cpl or do I have to wait until I become P1 if ever?
  2. Go and speak to your RCMO he/she will have the answers.
  3. A year from your promotion date (with a possibility of of a six months extension) you will revert back to L/Cpl until you are fit enough to do the course.
  4. PM sent.

    Stupid 10 character nonsense
  5. I echo Dingers post,

    or alternatively get in contact with your Respective EO or Education support staff
  6. If you are P7 now and you feel like you will never become P1 I wouldn't bother with the hassle, your PAP10 will be on route in the new year!
    Like previously mentioned, the old days of "we cannot carry that bergan so that part of the Cse dosn't effect me" have gone. Unless you pass the physical aspects of CLM you will revert to the Substantive Rank you held before.

    4 of my lads have recently reverted to Pte due to this.
  7. At last the RLC starts imposing some standards.
    By the way I dont think there is a P1 grade, just P2
  8. 1 Year from date acting LCpl to pass PNCO Course to get substansive LCpl. When picked up for Cpl, then have a further 12 months to pass JNCO course. If P7 then 85 Sqn and MTW(G) will not accept you on either course. Coming back to do the BCCS phase no longer happens. Get yourself upgraded or PAP 10 will be applied for.

    Good luck
  9. Hmm, hardly high standards, especially academically.
  10. Better than what it was, when the lazy biffs could theoretically go through all the ranks without having been on exercise since they were in basic training.
  11. Just had a biff magically manage to get the doc to sign him off to complete the BCCS phase yet he still can't do his trade...

    Card is marked, well it has been for a long time. PAP 10 already done.
  12. I do believe P1 is if used by SF. It does sound like a wah but it was a medic that told me and i dont think they were having me on. Although i stand by to be corrected.