CLM madness


just wondering if anyone can help/offer advice?
i completed my CLM part one in dec 2006, and have been getting my pay increments as a full screw, however after completing the old CLM 2 the AEC have no records of my passing it, so dilligently i completed the new CLM 2 work book and am waiting to undergo the new clm part 3 aec module.
Has anyone else gone thru this, will it effect my seniority when im eventually promoted (still being reported on as acting or sub lcpl)..........just an idea of what the hell is going on?
please help
I take it that you didnt get a course certificate, didnt take the option of the CMI Introductory Certificate in Team Leading that is available on the JNCO CLM, it wasnt on UNICOM, isnt on JPA and MCM Div have no record of it either.


no chance to, when i completed the original course all cert were to be forwarded to the unit as we were rushing around pre training for telic 10, then during tour the unit closed down and moved from tidworth to topcliff and no sign of certificates same goes for my Barts and batls med qual too.
Get on to the Education Centre where you did it-they should have the course folder with your assignments in it and will be able to check. Your course certificate should be on the computer and you should be on the database. If you have moved go via your current AEC.


No joy with the above, still baffled how a DIN can be released stating that once passed CLM 1 (JMQC) Arms and Services the LCpl selected for promotion/acting Cpl is then in fact a SUBSTANSIVE Cpl, AEC recognise this document and are happy with it, however still recieving static about this from Manning. Therefore, regardless of the fact that i completed CLM1 in 2006 and according to this DIN am in fact a Sub Cpl, i am still being reported on as Lcpl/Acting Cpl and have been since 06 despite many attempts to rectify.
thanks for the help once again

The DIN you are quoting relates to CLM 08. Under CLM 08, once you've completed Part 1 (your own cap badge course) you have substantive rank. Parts 2(workbook) and 3 (AEC) are needed for you to be eligible to promote to the next rank.

Under old CLM part 1 relates to the AEC part. You should only need to complete the new part 1 to complete your CLM requirement. There is scope on JPA to bring these parts together.

Your AEC will have a record of your attendance on the course, just be persistant; they probably can't be bothered with somebody who didn't keep his copy of the pass sheet (don't give certs anymore), didn't get his Clk to put it on JPA (they have JPA in theatre), didn't apply for any CMI quals.

Good luck though if you can be arrsed!
As above, the AEC that you did teh course in will have details of your competences.

Likewise anyother info lost, ie bats and barts, you should be able to find info by calling the centre that you took the course.