CLM course, whats involved?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by scorched_earth, Apr 23, 2006.

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  1. Got a CLM course coming up, I have no idea what its all about, what do you do on it etc? Anyone got any comments or advice etc?
  2. Like FOM said read the CLM notes on the army net site. I completed SNCO CLM last november its not a pass or fail course as long as you have a bit of common sence youll be fine. If you like you can email me at and ill email you back my assignments and homeworks. they wont be any good to you as all of your assignments are done on you as an individual and are infact corps seecific . you can however get a feel for what they want. mustard.......... :twisted:
  3. its about listening to complete c**p and trying to argue your point to people who have been brainwashed by the system. Service writing was a big help though ENJOY
  4. I am currently on the WO CLM course and it has got to be the worst thing i have attended in my career. The objectives of the course criteria that are aimed at SSgt/WO level should have been done as early as Cpl in a lot of cases. You don't get tested, you get ASSESSED on areas like defence writing (Have they not heard of DII?), taking minutes in a meeting (If that ever happened then i'm in the wrong meeting) and checking that we can talk about things in highly interesting discussions.

    For anyone who is looking forward to it, take a good book, it is 3 weeks of S***E.
  5. Its always nice to know that one of the armys fine warrant officers is so in tune with education. What part of learning from your peers, management, discussion, current affairs, legal issues, self assessment and analysis dont you think apply to you or your men?

    or maybe you just dont understand any of it and find it easy to shoot it down? Pity.
  6. "taking minutes in a meeting (If that ever happened then i'm in the wrong meeting)"

    so what about the PMC of the WOs' and SGTs' Mess???