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CLM Basic maths for mongs!

Does anyone have a linky to basic maths courses so that I can do a bit of practice before sitting the CLM test?

Just had a look at one of the tests and for the life of me can’t remember DST and ratios and things like that!
The stuff here will get you through CLM maths.

DST is easy just remember speed=dist/time. You can transpose (rearrange) this to suit, whenever you need to find the missing variable.

So s=d/t can also be d=sxt or t=d/s.
The links give above are useful, especially the BBC one. BBC Skillswise is one of the best sites for education. Don't be afraid to give the Basic Skills Development Manager (BSDM) a call at you local AEC. They can set you up for a session where your strengths and weaknesses can be identified and a plan worked out.

If you just want to brush up your basic arithmetical skills then this book is the best one (as used in your AEC)


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