CLM and Civilian Qualifications

Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by plant_life, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. Now that CLM has changed again for the umpteenth time does anybody know what civilian qualifications you get now once you've completed your respective CLM?

    Cheers for your answers P_L.
  2. The boss of the AEC has told COs here that there is no accreditation for the new CLM.
  3. That sucks!
  4. Which, I believe, is the reason the workbook is no longer required. But I happy to be contradicted.
  5. The workbook did indeed suck. Absolute waste of time that people spent too much time getting fussed over.
  6. I had a look at the work books and thought there was a lot of crap in them. Also a lot of stuff in them that could be difficult to achieve dependant on capbadge etc. For example how many AGC Cpls will be a guard commander? I also was looking at WO one and one of the things you have to do is advise on EO etc. Now, unless you've done the EO & D advisors course, are you really in a position to offer such advice?

    Even so, it's a shame that the accreditation has been canned for the sake of an extra week or so in an AEC.
  7. Wouldnt it be worthless to employers anyway? There wasnt anything on my CLM that I thought would impress a civvie company.
  8. I'd say the level 5 diploma was worth having, as was the accrediation towards a degree.

    As for the LCGI, GCGI etc, I agree with you, waste of paper for those with no other decent qualifications.

  9. Accreditation towards a degree? Good luck with that one, all the stuff about the LCGI etc being the equivalent of a foundation degree etc was basically bollocks. It's either a degree or it's not.
  10. You got a certain amount of UCAS points towards a degree, not sure what subjects you did have to do though.

    A Clk Wks WO2 tried to use the GCGI as the educational requirement towards an LE commision. Needless to say he got told "not a chance". Relevent technical degree my arse.
  11. I did the WOCLM last month. You still get a level 5 diploma and level 7 certificate in 'Strategic Management' (or something). This was the pilot course for the new syllabus. The qualification is provided by the Chartered Management Institute. Although the course is still being refined and the content will be changed the AEC at Tidworth briefed that there will still be a professional accreditation for the course. This was echoed by the CMI representative.

    The new course is planned for around September time, if you want a definitive answer regarding accreditation speak to your local AEC. Sorry, but I don't know about JNCO and SNCO CLM.

    It does cost you though (£138). - Edited to add - one hundred and thirty eight pounds, does anybody know how to get rid of smileys?