Clk Wks Shortage

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Malariadup, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. Just heard a rumour that the latest crop of Clerk of Works has failed. 8O

    Any technically/Chatham dwelling blokes have any more info?? :?
  2. Not as far as I know. There are still about 8 guys on 165 (C), 8 on 166 (C), a new M course started last Monday with 12 guys on and the other courses are still up to about normal strength, considering the course types. 167 (C) is going to have 17 guys starting because of the lack of numbers passing with 165 and 166.
  3. Feckin queue jumpers. may they all fail.
  4. You sound a little bit bitter there! Everybody who has an artisan trade can apply for the course so chances are you had the opertunity too. Don't be bitter because they chose to do something you couldn't/wouldn't want to do.
  5. They don't do CoW (Armd)
  6. not all the blokes that apply for CoW get onto the cse regardless of trade ability or experience.
    you have to be able to fit into the box that they have prepared for you & fill all the right criteria for them.
    no i am not bitter before the comments start, but i have worked for CoW(E) before that were feckin crap in all aspects regarding electrics but i also have worked for ones that have been very good.
    is'nt the CoW a numbers game at the end of the day nowadays?
  7. Not the C of W on their Civvie Attachments at the mo, met an old mate who is on it this week at work, no mention of anything awry and happy enough playing with the Gen Sets.

    It would be pretty severe for a whole course to go down.... Although I did 'chuck' a whole course of 'M's out of my workshop at RSME once towards the end of the course 8O ..... a somewhat quieter and more attentive course came back in the next week after a 'quiet' word from the CI :lol: :lol: :lol:
  8. Regardless of trade you are always going to get some who are better than others.
    As for the numbers thing thats the whole of ATRA, not just Clk Wks. I who who people who have been instructors at 1 RSME and they said it is very hard to fail somebody, they are told to 'find' marks to mark sure the numbers pass.
    Admittedly there is a shortage of Clk Wks in all disciplines and the pressure is on to make sure guys pass however if somebody isn't performing they are taken of course. If this wasn't the case why would there be rumours of entire courses failing or only having a couple of guys left on? Avoid the obvious answer of 'the blokes aren't as good as they were in my day' because thats c**p.
  9. the "always some better than others" goes far further than just the MOD its the same in civvy street if not worse.
    not spinning out the old "in my day " yarn either.
    dont they call it "positive marking" nowadays i have recently done a nebosh cse & the instructor was always harping on about that.
    good luck to all those on the CoW cse's but it always comes down to the juniors to try & dig them out of the crap if they get things completely wrong, from time to time.
  10. Passed my CoW cse nearly 30 years ago. Nice to see the Modern Army still whinges as well as they did in my day. Everbody resented us but we laughed all the way to the bank.
  11. On the seventh day as you know, God rested and on the eighth day God looked down upon the earth and all he had created and he was not a happy sapper. So he thought about his labours, and with his infinite wisdom, God created a divine creature and this, he called a Royal Engineer Clerk of Works. And these Engineers whom God created in his own image he bestowed great knowledge, he gave them the power to supply the world with all their needs. He also gave them high band pay so that they would be the envy of the sausage fingered knockers, but more importantly, to entertain the ladies of the world.
  12. And it came to pass that on the ninth day, CinC Creation did look up on the Earth, which He had created. "Bollokcs," saith He, "next time I'll create the Clerk of Works first."
  13. I have met some quite good COW's and some total strokers, I have found that the problems start when your given a "design" to follow, you are almost certainly going to end up making your design to get the job done.

    The Corp is the only school of engineering in the UK that sets and marks its own exams, the entry exam for the society of engineers doesn't even require 60% They are very very out of date, their QS phase is laughable...

    Are they still planning on changing the course so the students don't get their engineering diploma? wonder if that will effect course numbers.
  14. By day 21 it had been built and rebuilt 7 times by the hard working Sappers, he then realised he had got it right the first time.

    Fecking Clerk of works.

  15. The society of engineers is 80% REME, nuff said!!!!

    i've found that the problems start when people start "making their own" designs. As for the enginering diploma...that won't go, the effect on recruitment would be naughty.

    You sure about the school being the only one to set its own exams? Isn't the entry exam for the SoE the standard ECUK one?