Clive Tepielow - RIP

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by stevie_r, May 25, 2013.

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  1. Clive was a Sgt trade instructor at Harrogate when I was an AT and was attached to Rawson Sqn. Absolute gem of a guy, covered for me one night when I got abducted and chained up in a dungeon all night down town. Later ran in to him when he was looking after an uotc. Much respected and RIP.
  2. Name rings a bell with me - possibly was a full screw keyboard skills instructor there around 82 - 84?
    No matter what, RIP
    Certa Cito
  3. No, Clive was a Sgt, taught Clansman in 80/81.
  4. Jesus Christ..another one!

    I was at Hohne with 'Teps' when he was a Troop Staffy. I remember he made his daughters call him 'Staff' when he was bollocking them. He was also our footy team manager, coach, captain and central defender. We had the worst record in the minor-units league and didn't win a game for nearly 18 months at one point. However we always had the best post game piss-ups.

    Anyway, top bloke in my eyes. I am very sorry that he has passed away.

    RIP Teps!
  5. RIP. Certa Cito.
  6. I too was in Rawson at the same time.

  7. I think Clive was a 70C Rawson man at Harrogate, because I remember him being one of the room NCO's when I kicked off my career back in 71 and I recall him being one of the more approachable and fair "seniors" in amongst all the bullying and abuse!
    Our paths crossed a few times, although we never served in the same unit.
    RIP Clive. Certa Cito.
  8. Staff Teps was a brilliant man-manager . He was my troop staffy at Alpha Trooop in Hohne. A great man and sadly missed. (Goody. 201 sigs 1986 to 1991)