Clipping eyebrows?

I visited the barber last week. As she tidied up, she asked me if I wanted my eyebrows "done". Now, I admit to pulling out the odd piece of barbed wire from Salisbury Plain that seems to attach itself to my face, but I have never had the clippers through my eyebrows, which I think was the lady's intention! I do not look like Dennis Healey, and nor would I wish to.

I declined, and having thought about it, invite the Arrse membership to advise whether having one's eyebrows trimmed by the barber is:

:arrow: Macho

:arrow: Par for the course (everyone does it)

:arrow: Metrosexual

:arrow: Gay



WTF?? No idea??? I've never been asked by my barber if I want my eyebrows sorted??

Perhaps my eyebrows don't need sorting? Or your eyebrows are a little out of hand??

Or perhaps you just look queer??
When you say, "she asked if i wanted my eyebrows sorted" do you mean the very gay female thing of plucking them into a set shape? or do you mean cutting out the odd grey thicker than normal wire that appears from time to time?

Just to warn you, it starts with the eyebrows, next is the ears, then your fooked.

Just look at MDN and Creo
Have to admit that in my maturing years hairs start appearing from all orifices on the face and I do ask the barber to trim my eyebrows each time I go for a haircut.

Its the "something for the weekend for the 00!s"

Hurts a damm site less than the wife pinning me down and plucking the hairs that come out of my ears!

Edited to add, I also shave the tip of my nose once in a while!!!
Barrack Room Lawyer said:
Go on, admit it, it you at 09.27 on this link isnt it!

Eyebrow monster
Dear God! Those aren't eyebrows, they're small mammals! 8O

And Lits, you only need to worry if the next time someone offers to "do" your eyebrows they're eyeing a hedge-trimmer as they ask! :wink:
What's all this talk of "getting old"?

I have to shave my ears, as well as cut (NOT tweeze, that's for girls and hermers) my eyebrows, and trim my nose hair with a small pair of scissors I found in the wife's toiletries. On a weekly basis, nothing too drastic.

And I'm only 40, a mere spring chicken!

Mind, the hair on the top of my head has slowed down its growth at the same rate as the other hair has accelerated. Gravity, or something. :(
The Turkish barber seems to take a lot of pleasure in doing the eyebrows, ears, nose...........I kept flinching as he flicked the flaming acohol swab at my lugs so he followed me until I'd moved as far as I could and then gave them a scorching.

Apparently in Turkey they can go as far as doing the burning cone thing to get the wax out of your ears.
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