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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by chappers, Feb 4, 2009.

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  1. The other half is currently in clip order trying to fight Cancer.

    It looks harder than fighting a hord of Taliban.

    Give me a hand and help me raise a bit of cash for the people helping us get through it?

    I will be running the London Marathon this year in CFT kit for the hell of it! I will be attempting the fastest soldier in kit around the course, bringing the title home to the Corp!!!

    Donate a pound, every little helps!


    For the knockers out there, type in the interent connection above and it will link you to donate.
  2. chappers. link in-op mate.
  3. link up again, donation made.

    good luck.
  4. Donation made, best of luck.
  5. I thought if Knocker could work this............
    Job done good luck you you and your lady.
  6. I just thought I would bump this and then Knocker and the other Sappers can keep it going.
    mostly by slagging each other off in a good cause. Not like you need a reason to slag knockers off......... cheese anyone?
  7. Donated. Might want to stick this in the naafi as well for folks that dont come in our hallowed area?
  8. Do we need a MOD to do that :?
  9. Where are the MODs when you need one.
    Plenty about the other day to hole my rubbish posts??
  10. Dont need a MOD just a post with a linky to this one.
  11. sorry mayte. hope she gets betta soon.
  12. My opinion of knockers appears to be changing, as sqeeks seem to be the only people capable of putting there hand in there pocket.

    Thanks to all of you who have donated so far!

    Shame the Fat planties havent learnt to read yet??
  13. All done Chapper's (another knocker :wink: )
  14. all done and best wishes.Ubique

  15. Ha Ha! I fooled you for I am no Knocker........or fat plantie :wink: