Clip of the cartoon protests in London

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Callidus, Mar 12, 2006.

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  1. First time I've seen that particular footage.

    Can there be any doubt left as to why the normal man in the street sees islam as a threat?

    Can there also be any doubt left as to why we see the Police as being totally ineffectual against these terrorists?

    If it would have been me in the crowd calling for terrorism upon Saudi and the death of the crown prince, I'd have been in jail within minutes.

    Every one of them should have been arrested.

    tony, you are a traitor and a coward for instructing your police to ignore this.
  2. I can't belive the police did nothing..... its a disgrace that video is preaty good quality I'm sure you could get facial ID's of people off that so they can be kicked out the country. Islam the religion of peace.... NOT.
  3. Some top quotes, such as " and take their wives for war booty."

    Idiots give Islam a bad name. If they are so keen on O. Bin Laden, perhaps Crab can be persuaded to drop them off in Afghan?

    Having said that, no Giros over there.
  4. In an ideal world the police would have waded in with full riot gear, complete with CS gas and batons :twisted:

    Seriously though, they should have been arrested for inciting racial hatred. If they were white English men protesting like that against Islam the full weight of the law would have fallen on them like a tone of bricks.

    Nice to see we have no double standards; equality for all… :roll:
  5. So bloody true!
  6. I don’t remember her name but it wasn’t that long ago that a white English woman was arrested for protesting near Parliament. Her only crime was to read out the names through a loudspeaker of all our soldiers who had died in Iraq.
    It makes me sick that she could be arrested for reading out the names of our dead and those “protestors” could be allowed to wish us death…
  7. J_D

    J_D LE

    One rule for us and one for the others, its hard to stand up to a government, who in the first place invited immigrants over. I have no problem with foreigners going to the UK, as long as they pull their weight and are not feeding off of taxes.

    However, I do recall an incident in Gus in 2003. 2 RM’s were walking back from town to Stone House and were jumped by 3 asylum seekers. The 2 RMs took a beating that put one in hospital and I think a coma, anyway these 3 asylum seekers turned it around as a racial attack and walked away with compensation and the 2 innocent guys walked away with injuries and a police record.

    Some one remind me why our country is so great :roll:
  8. You lot make me sick, racist to a man, how can we expect these people to occupy our country take are woman as spoils, take our taxes (as giro) tell us how wrong we are and how we should all be living in the same way as the people from there backward homelands, the same homelands they fled to come here! our religions are evil and our beliefs not only wrong but worthy of death. we should really do the right thing and off ourselves so these scum can run things here for a while, saying as how there countries are so great. :x (just in case your mental the start of this rant was a urine take)
  9. Blair and the scum that make up the Labour party need the islamic extremist vote which is why they are allowed to break laws and get police protection to in order to break the law.

    Blair's goal is to destroy the British way of life.

    C*cksucker Blair, his freeloading pro criminal wide mouthed frog of a wife and the gutless corrupt lickspitles of the Labour Party have come closer to destroying Great Britain than the Boxheads did in 2 World Wars. A pox on them all.
  10. Same thought I had when viewing that clip, although I'd seen the previous news reports, that's still a startling piece of film.

    Maya Evans is the lady's name and, judging by a previous similar protest, the reason for the arrest is that it was not an authorised pre-arranged protest...... I can see that the reasoning is a security issue, not wanting it to be threatened if the protest gets out of hand (esp. near Parliament etc) etc but the Danish Emb. protest did exactly that. Judging by the placards and the shouts, it threatened the security of London, individuals (Blair and Bush), UK, Denmark, Europe, etc but as long as its not at Tony's door, its alright then.
    You have to question the logic of these idiots, how the fcuk did they get: 'Mohammed insulted in Danish cartoon'= 'UK, you will pay'. Eh?? :?
  11. Do we know if the company that put this video together intended it to be a record of brave brothers protesting or as idiots running slightly amok?
    Some while since I was into handwriting analysis but there were a heck of a lot of different placards that seemed to have been written by the same person. They would be a fair target for prosecution. Also, guys in mad mullah clothes on the police side of the barrier watching the crowd. How many of the idiots did they recognise and can name? Why the delay between the demo and news as to what (if anything) will happen? Maybe the police investigators are all employed hunting down the police bloggers who gave opinion that action on the day was crap....
  12. I googled NEFA Foundation, it came up with the New England Foundation of Art Foundation.... a quick look at the end of the Video and they are infact the Nine Eleven Finding Answers Foundation. Not sure what to make of there web site.

    I'm shocked that the Police did not make arrests! As a muslim friend of mine said "I would have arrested the lot and deported as many as I could". Just remember that the vast majority of 2nd/3rd/4th/5th generation muslims in the UK are law abiding it's just the lunitics you have to watch out for.

    Have any arrests been made other than the bloke with the bad fashion sense and a past of drug dealing?
  13. Did anyone notice that while there are hundreds there only a few are shouting with conviction? Most are either just standing about in silent protest or mumbling the words as if it's just something to say. I don't agree with the fact there were no arrests, the law shouldn't be affected by race. But then this entire situation with the cartoons doesn't make sense.
  14. It strikes me that muslims are insecure in their faith, the constant ranting being a method of attempt at justification, affirmation and perpetuation. The irony for them is that it simply has the reverse effect. A very short sighted approach to attaining understanding, but then I wouldn't expect anything less.

    Staggered and saddened that we allow such events to occur on British soil, freedom of speech/expression or not! Ditto Goku's sentiments.