Clinton's Council Estate Xmas Card -- Withdrawn from Sale

Can't see what all the fuss was about actually..


I would certainly have bought some to send to all the family chavs who live on council estates...
Far to much like the truth for modern times. Jack Nicholson says it better than me but he's not here.
This at least explains their silence on my Nazi-themed Christmas card design, depicting Jesus being fisted by a Rotherham taxi driver dressed as a Jack-booted Santa.

A letter would have been nice though.
That one's been doing the rounds for years. Somebody has over-reacted and just a tad late.
No real story, must be a slow news day.
My daughter sent me a truly tacky Christmas card because she knows that I ignore the whole thing every year.

I have upped the ante in the crap card stakes by printing off one from here which will have a suitable 'expletives deleted' theme.
Santa isn't liked by those rich fekkers in the House of Commons and House of Lards...they think he is a socialist because he give free prezzies away to people. They also don't like the poor using Food Banks because the more they do, the more poor people crawl out of the Estate and end up at the Food Bank.

Brotherton Lad

Kit Reviewer
I'm amazed Bill and Hillary even know what a council estate is.

This one was much more tasteful:


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