Clinton threatens to"obliterate"Iran!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Le_addeur_noir, Apr 22, 2008.

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  1. News headlines on the BBC website


    Should provide a boost to the oil prices!.

    Of course that's assuming Hillary Clinton can actually find Iran on a map without the help of her advisors.
  2. IF IF IF IF it launched a nuclear strike on Israel.

    A tad hormonal but can't fault her for speaking plainly.
    She perhaps speaks too plainly and of her own volition to have a chance of being allowed to become president though.
  3. actinday,

    I think in the event of Iran launching nukes at Israel,the Iranians will be blasted off the face of the earth by Israel's own nuclear arsenal.

    Looking at the footage of Iranian troops goose-stepping last week at a parade in Tehran,I get the feeling there will be a war with them sooner rather than later.
  4. Do I not remember her competitor threatening to invade Pakistan if it didn't toe the US line on terrorism?

    World class statesmen, both!
  5. Nothing to do with the fact she's campaigning in Redneck Pennsilvania then?

    The same mob that her opponent claimed to hang onto their bibles and guns?

    One hand she's saying she want's to bring US forces home then threatening to send them back. Sheer political crap.
  6. She must be worried about not getting the Jewish vote.

    Nice demonstration of being too immature for Geo-politics Hillary
  7. Anyone would think there was an election to win and she was appealing to the lowest common cletusinator. :X
  8. Soldiers on parade..whatever next! :roll:
    Why does seeing footage of soldiers on parade in Iran give you the feeling there will be war with them soon? Because it's intended to that's why!
    Try looking out for any footage at all of daily life in Iran, a more common scene...decent educated people going about their every day business. Footage like that wouldn't give you the same feelings of threat of imminent war would it.
    But we won't be seeing footage like that now...we no doubt need to dehumanise the people in the public's eyes in advance of fighting them.
  9. Have you seen the state of their drill?...........War is the only fecking option!
  10. Seconded. An Iranian nuclear strike on israel is the very defination of Mutually Assured Distruction.

    Of course, this might not be enough to deter the Iranian leadership; they might see it as the logical eveloution of suicide bombing - a whole Islamic nation taking the Magic Carpet Ride to Paradise... :roll:

    And if they're right, the Virgins would be on overtime! :twisted:
  11. Is that Mrs Clinton on the rag?! 8O :twisted: