Clinton named secretary of state....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by cromach, Dec 1, 2008.

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  1. so she got her old job back eh?
  2. I thinks it's a bit worrying that she'll be jetting 'round the worlds hotspots representing democracy, freedom, popcorn......
  3. ...and Wal-Mart-oops,sorry she doesn't work there any more
  4. "Keep your friends close and your enemies even closer"
  5. Very true! Clearly not done yet - as far as her bigger ambitions go. Didn't work for Caesar though - keep them close but no closer than arms length!
  6. oh my
  7. All the back-slapping euphoria of the Obama election is now over and his first job, before he even comes to power, is to unite his party. What better way than to give a top job to someone whom enjoyed the support of almost half the party? Not sure how good it is for the rest of the world but it's good domestic politics.
  8. Beat me to it!

  9. "Ah'd rather have 'em inside mah tent pissin' aht than ahtside mah tent an' pissin' in!"

    - Pres. Lyndon B. Johnson.
  10. politically astute from both sides, he gets to unite the party, she gets in a good postition to run for the top job in 8 years time.
  11. But in 8 years she will be 69. McCain took a lot of criticism for his age which is only a couple of years older than she will be then. The appointment seems a bit odd as she has no official experience in foreign relations. In her 8 years as a Senator she served on 5 Senate committees but not on the foreign relations committee. She was married to a president but I have never heard she had clearance to sit in on the president's classified briefings. Before the White House she was a partner in a very dodgy law firm.

    The appointment is purely political. I suspect that Obama wants to please 1) women, 2) several NY Dems who want to run for her vacant seat.
  12. But in 8 years she will be 69.

    That is true, but will Mr President still be with us, or will he be another tragic statistic of a high velocity shot from the grassy knoll!
    She is now in the wings and any thing can happen in the next four years.
  13. For more speculation on things to come security policy wise:
    (eeh, I think the author is German - may explain some of the conclusions)

    "Reading the political tealeaves, it is reasonable to
    expect President Barack Obama to pursue a
    foreign policy of liberal internationalism. As in the
    Clinton years – and with much of the personnel of
    the 1990s – the emphasis will be on institution building
    and the engagement of partners and
    opponents alike. For NATO, this means three
    things: First, a push for further enlargement, but
    without the harsh rhetoric and ideological zeal of
    the Bush administration. Second, an increased
    effort to bring the OEF and ISAF mandates in
    Afghanistan to success. Third, a sustained U.S.
    campaign to define NATO as a global security
    provider, especially in the context of humanitarian
  14. Question is WHO is going to rule the roost now?