Clinton Fury at 9/11 Programme

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Malariadup, Sep 8, 2006.

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    More American double standards, its OK for them to rewrite British history to show us in a bad light, but not to do that for American history. :x

    Maybe it's time to get our own back and get Filmfour to make the drama. We could use the casts of Lock Stock and Snatch to portray all the US key players as chirpy cockneys who save the day by disabling the hijackers using only pork pies and tripe :wink:
  2. When has the truth EVER got in the way of a good story? What a load of coglione
  3. Anyone would think terrorism was invented in the US the way they whine on about it.

    On his way out [hopefully before 1200 today] Bliar should get in touch with the shaven chimp and tell him the Brits are chokka with 9/11 and ask him to change the tune.

    Have you noticed how the septics are now 'terrorism experts'?

    Sadly, there's going to loads more US produced 9/11 crap on TV to bore the bo!!ocks off of all and sundry year in, year out.

    Wonder if they glorify our 7/7 - oops sorry!

    Not in US and not enough died to warrant it [Anyway they weren't yanks].
  4. Never mind the accuracy of it, doesn't anyone find the thought of a mini-series about 9/11 just bloody tasteless?
  5. It seems to be that time of year when TV bods jump on the bandwagon to produce all manner of dross to boost ratings.

    All I seem to have seen on TV in the last few weeks (when I've prised myself away from the bar) is programmes on 9/11.

    The obvious next step is the conspiricy theory motion picture a la JFK :roll:
  6. Yes and no. The lead up to and the period after need to be analysed and acted upon. This series aims to highlight all of the things that were going on before it happened. As there is quite a lot of info to get across, it needs more than an hours documentary.

    Doesn't make the fact that the series is 'Dramatised' any easier to swallow :roll:
  7. It's a bit like the handful of films about the hijacked flights and how the passengers fought back. We know they were very brave in their actions, we know it was a tragic day, what does making a film about it achieve?
  8. quids in the bank
  9. Is that a serious question? The answer is as always money. It achieves more money.

    As to whether it is tastless.

    Why anymore tastless than films about WW2 or Vietnam or Earthquakes.

    I suppose the time between the two is important, it is what makes an archeologist different from a grave robber for instance but if 5 years isn't enough time then what would be?
  10. Yes it was a serious question, against a backdrop of how seriously the Americans take September 11th and the memory/preservation of it.

    But I know what you're saying, it boils down to money.