Clinton calls for Russian military transparency

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Apr 15, 2011.

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  1. help Georgia, for example to plan a new war.

    Such a stupid babe.
  2. She should wind her neck in, the lying whore...maybe she should also call for complete transparency about US forces and its nuclear weaponry. She does live on a different most yanks I suppose.
  3. I was reading an article the other day about Russia's improved armed farces Vlad has promised.

    Seems the huge new air farce Vlad has promised can never be. It would require 4 times the manufacturing capacity that Russia currently has.

    Russia, talking loudly and carry a small twig.
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Clinton - babe????
    She has an arse big enough to launch Harriers from ........

    Russia needs to get over its paranoia, the 21st century cannot be managed with the same mindset as in recent years....
  5. As should the US.
  7. We'll be lucky to have a twig the way things are going.
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  11. Dear god Sergey, that Wodka finally blinded you. Hillary can be called many things

    Butt Ugly
    Fugly (no Offence Fugly)

    but Babe?

  12. Ivan has a long history of being crap,until you really threaten the Rodina,then all of a sudden,the bear bites your ass.
  13. Dear Goldbricker,

    I'm very disappointed that you and other our friends don't feel an irony.

    It is well known that mrs.Clinton is not a super-splendid beauty. So from my point of view the irony is quite apparent. Also I hinted that she is really a babe in the geopolitical woods.

    She as a child don't understand some basic things and demonstrates her lack of experience too frequently.
  14. Why here I thought that Mrs Clinton would be considered quite the hotty with regards to russian standards on beauty.

    So what's wrong with asking Russia for transparency? Does she show the same lack of understanding as when Putinedvedev (See what I did there?) made the same exact request to the US or is Russia strickly a do as I demand, not as I do, type country?

    Personally I think that russia is a lot like an aging movie star that still thinks has the same clout now as during their heyday. I also think it's a bit naive to think that she's armed with less information than you.
  15. Of course Ghost, Russia is not a superpower and from my point of view voided an abilty to be it in the (at least near) future. Moreover, it is impractical to try to restore superpower status - too expensive and unprofitable.

    But in fact the USA (of course slowly) is losing its superpower status. Its share in the World economy goes lower. There is a Chinese factor. More and more countries (including BRICS ones), become rater independent from Washington's influence.

    It is not a tragedy. It's a real life. However, there is an inertia. Some American politicians still live in the previou age, in 90's then the USA reached the historical maximum of influence.

    No doubt that mrs.Clinton is 'informed' but there is another problem - to make right decisions based on the information. I don't think that mrs.Clinton is skilled enough in the international affairs, in geopolitics and military matters.