Clinton calls Blair’s government the ’envy’ of the United St

Speaking to a packed audience at London’s Guildhall, Clinton specifically responded to criticisms that British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his Labour party were “long in the tooth,” or past their prime.

“If you live where I live and you look across the Atlantic, it does not look that way,” he said.
8O He's either completely delusional or the good ol' US of A is in even more of a mess than I thought! :?
This proves for once and for all that he does inhale. :D

And probably skin-pops into the underside of his willy as well.


Book Reviewer
Yokel said:
Does Tony give head as well as Monica?
No.....but he can certainly feel Uncle Sam is RIGHT behind him........banging away like a sh7thouse door in a hurricane.....

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