Clinton Backs Blair for next UN head

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jonwilly, Jan 14, 2006.

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  1. I think Blair, would be well qualifies for the job, he lies, he feathers his own nest and he hates the UK! In fact he's a little bit over qualified!
  2. Simliar story is on the BBC News website

    I can't believe the mans arrogance, he has no credability left in this country let alone anywhere else, what makes him think that leaders of Arab or muslim nations are going accept him as head of the UN? His skin grows thicker by the day and I can only think he has lost all understanding of how people feel about him. At best his reputation is tainted and at worst he has blood on his hands.
  3. This will have been spun up by Downing Street.

    I really can't see it happening, given the general international antipathy towards the man, with the exception of the US and a few hangers-on.
  4. I can't happen - the UN boss is normally recruited from a small non-influential tin pot country being run to the dogs by present leadership....Wait a minute - I think he qualifies! The tw@t.
  5. I suspect that mr.Blair has very attractive proposition from Gazprom (at least more profitable that this work in UN).
  6. At least if he was head of the UN he would be away from here!! In charge of a defunct and non influential organisation that can be overruled and ignored by the Spams when it suites them, pretty much like being Prime Minister of the UK?
  7. This topic could have an interesting vote attached....
  8. Any thread with Clinton and head in the should be more interesting than whether or not Blair has anything to offer the world apart from deep joy, from all right minded people, on the day the two faced bluffer gets his come uppance.
  9. As someone who works for the UN I hope I never have to see his cuntish face anywhere near the job of UNSG.

    Also I think, although I am not 100% sure, that there is an unwritten convention that no national of a member state with a permant seat on the UN Security Council is ever appointed as UNSG. A good rule to be maintained in my view.
  10. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Actually I'd love to see his pallid visage every day, but in it's rightful place in London.

    Stuck atop a pike at Traitor's Gate.
  11. Megalomania anyone?
  12. I totally misread the news on BBC; I heard that Bill was buying some new presidential pads (Monika wore out the last ones of course) as a runner for the UN Sec General post himself and was tipping B. Liar or someone to give the new Sec Gen of the UN head, not be the head, instead of kissing arshhhh; still, send me three and fourpence, I am going to a dance.

    And inf/MP, would you please stop sitting on the fence and give your opinon in a forthright manner, cruntish face indeed, what sort of opinion is that?