clinical waste bins ????

Right on going problem here ladies and gents. i know of a person in a far flung land way outside of the normal supply chain who requires clinical waste bins. the current situation requires staff to use bins which dont come into line with infection control standards. said person has demanded the bins (large, medium and small) via that persons CQMS only to be told by med ispt that the NSN is an raf one and that they cant supply. any ideas on this matter would gain me serious browny points.
i never had an issue getting 12l clinical waste bins in afghanistan these are the exact same as the ones we use in the NHS.
send the NSN and i will check if it is the same as the one that i use.
NSN. The clue is in the name. NATO Stock Number. Not RAF, Army or even Navy Stock Number. There could be a caveat on who is entitled to them. Ask the M&GS team (via CQMS) to supply alternative NSNs, assuming there is someone at Bicester/Foxhill willing to support the folks stuck in the ooloo.

If that doesn't work and Cylon can't help you out, send me the NSN and I'll contact M&GS myself for background and, hopefully, a solution.


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