Clinical Physiology

I know that there will be loads of posts about individual jobs but I have searched the forums and found very little info about Clinical Physiology.

Anything that anyone can tell me about the selection process after ADSC and then the job both in 'every day' life and on deployment would be brilliant.

Cheers people!
Clin Phys selection takes place once a year in November (so yes you have just missed this years).
It takes the form of a piece of written work, the subject of which is given in advance, and then written on the day without notes.
You then have to give a pre prepared presentation on a given subject - 10 slides 10-15 minute duration.
Then finally you have an interview with the Head of Trade, someone from RAMC recruiting and a representative from the university.

As far as the day to day job goes it is mainly working in the MDHU's with the occasional oportunity to go away with the the overseas preselection team to nice sunny places.
Deployments to nasty sunny places are presently few and far between but that could change with the work that is ongoing at present, and also if you are unqualified it will take 5 years to qualify from starting training and the world stage could be significantly different by the time you do qualify so predicting deployments is difficult.

If you need more info then feel free to PM me.


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