Clinical Physiology as a Career

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Not_Sure, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. Hello All,
    I'm considering medical careers in the Army and wonder if you could give me some advice???
    I've looked at several careers and being young and I admit it naive, also trying to keep my mother on side, we've both been to our local army careers office and my careers advisor has suggested Clinical Physiology, it looks like an interesting career choice plus my mother is keen for me to do it as you dont go on operations.

    Any advice on this as a career in the army? is it true you only stay in civilian hospitals? If I do join (I wont be telling my mother of course) then I'd like a career where i'd go on operations ans see some of the world.

  2. Hello Not_Sure, welcome to arrse.

    I currently work as a civvie Clinical Physiologist (Cardiology) in the NHS. I knew two army lads on my course. I can try to give you as much info as possible with regards to the profession.

    I believe as a Clinical physiologist you would only work at Haslar hospital in Gosport which is now NHS.

    The reason why you dont go on operations currently as a clinical physiologist is mainly down to numbers in the Cadre. Meaning there are not enough qualified Clinical physiologists as yet to deploy as a unit.

    Trade training takes about 6 years to complete, which takes takes 2 years more then a civvie, this is due to the fact that you learn neurology and respiratory on top of the core cardiology that is taught during the degree.

    If you are going to choose this profession you need to think hard about what you want from your career in the RAMC. If you are going to do this because you or your mum does not want you to be deployed then you might as well train as a civvie Clinical physiologist.

    On the other hand if you are looking for profession that is deployable then
    think about something else i.e ODP, Radiographer, BMS, Pharmacy Tech and so on. Six years of training is a long time to eventually change career/trade.

    Hope this helps. If you have anymore detailed questions about Clinical Physiology PM me.
  3. the Army authority on this trade is a member on this site, hopefuly he will make an appearance for you.
  4. Not_sure,
    Firstly with the changes being brought in over the next year or so to Clinical Physiology training (both NHS and military) you may well have missed the boat.

    The Army will not be recruiting any new entrants to train from scratch for the next few years and the present military recruiting and training method is liable to change dramatically.

    With regards to deploying I am a Clinical Physiologist and I have deployed as a Clin Phys along with several other Clin Phys both serving and retired.
    It is true that we do not deploy as often as such noble trades as Filbert Fox's, but this is a political issue and may change in the future.

    Unfortunately the information given by John1983 is mainly out of date and incorrect regarding the military Clin Phys.

    Haslar closed last year and was never an NHS hospital.
    Military Clin Phys were employed in N.Yorks, Peterborough, Aldershot as well as Haslar.
    Whether Clin Phys deploy has never been down to the numbers but purely down to the tactical arena / size of hospital deployed / suitable robust equipment.

    I hope this helps but if you would like some more information then PM me.

  5. Thanks Narcs,
    I've discussed it with my careers advisor and of course my mother and I've decided to look at a career where you actually do the job like in Afganistan and not work just in the NHS, whats the point, if your in the army?
    I wouldnt want to be stood next to my mates with no medals.
    Not Sure, is now sure. Thanks all.
  6. I think you may want to reconsider why youre joining the Army, its not about medals and badges.

    In any case, you may join a trade that deploys but you dont get nominated for a tour for a long time, guess whos going to have no medals when hes stood next to his mates!

    All trades rib each other, phys med (or what ever they are calling themselves today) get it due to their linited deployability, however its a bloody good job, good promotion and a career when youre out.

    Now Im not sure whats got into me but Im off before I start praising CMTs!
  7. Filbert my good man, are you feeling all right?????
  8. I think once youre out the whole trade baiting and having medals thing loses its appeal, civvies dont get it nor do they give a toss what bling you have dangling off your chest or where youve been to get them, shocking but true!

    Also Im now a tree hugging hippie with ginger dreads so I love you all!
  9. The trade will have to eventually deploy otherwise whats the point of its existence within the Army - its still getting on its feet albeit quite slowly!

    As professional trade it is spot on, as previously stated; and long term, it is especially good for when that enevitable return to civvy street comes around.

    Consider what it is you want out of the Army first.
  10. deployments should be coming soon.

    The way I heard it we have been asked can we man bastion with one tech full time. Its a good job they only asked for one.

    so we have said we can do it. we have supplied a list of kit needed with a costing.

    Last I heard everything was signed stamped and approved and send to AMD, since then I heard nothing

    everyone appears to agree that its needed.

    Why send probably fully fit guys back to uk because they need a 20 or 30 min test done that we could do if we were there.

    there must be some news about what is happening
  11. That'll work, what will you do 12 month tours? Why don't the MoD just employ agency to do the job (ex military)? Is gotta be cheaper in the long run? They do it for nurses don't they?

    Should only take 2 - 3 years then...!

    Well its sorted then! :omfg: should be out there by at least HERRICK 25.
  12. I understand that Clinical Physiology is being made an ADQUAL once again for QARANC HCA cadre??? I heard a discussion that they would get sub rank of Cpl on qualifiying? Any Truth in this or that the cadre may well deploy OPERATIONALLY at some point post 2020?