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Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by safety, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Hi Guys

    I know lots of people ask questions about what certain jobs are really like and I am going to my local AFCO on monday however my recruiter admits that he doesnt know any more about the RAMC than the sheet tells him (which is understandable). I have done searches and never found any mention of clinical physiologist which is a job that interests me.

    The website says it involves

    "performing non-invasive investigations of the heart, lungs and brain..... In peace the principle roles are to provide investigative support to Medical Officers and they are involved in Force preparation ensuring that service personnel are fit for specialist roles such as diver, pilot etc."

    To me this sounds a lot like the things I did in my degree (BSc and PGCert in Sports Science) which involved taking ECG's, measuring lung function, doing VO2 max tests and such like. Granted my degree was based on athletes and not a clinical population but the techniques are more or less the same.

    So is this the type of thing this job involves (plus other roles) or have i got it completely wrong?

    Thanks for any help

  2. Physiological Measurements Technician

    On the info sheet that they gave you - does it have a phone number for the RAMC Recruiting team at Camberley?

    they would be able to put you in touch with a serving Phys Med Tech - this way you get the info from the horses mouth
  3. I am going to the AFCO on Monday so hopefully my recruiter will give it to me then, thanks for the advice though ill be sure to check when they give me the sheet.
  4. RAMC Recruiting
    Former Army Staff College
    Slim Road
    GU15 4NP

    Tel: 01276-412745 / 412744 / 412730
  5. bedpan2zero

    Thank you very much that is very helpful! Much appreciated!
  6. Now known as Clinical Physiologists not Physical Measurement Technicians. Number for the SO2 who predominantly deals with soldiers is 01276 412956.
  7. S-M

    am I showing my age??
  8. Yes! But at least you didn't say Clinical Measurement Technician which would mean you were possitively ancient. :headbang:

    Safety: You are near the mark with your initial post regards what a Clinical Physiologist does. They do perform ECG's but that is about the simplest level investigation performed and you would be taught that in your first couple of months in trade.

    Investigations performed include: exercise testing, 24 hour monitoring, echocardiography, electroencephalography etc etc

    If you want anymore information PM me or contact the outstandingly decent fellow who's contact details are on the back of the Clin Phys info sheet you should have been given by the recruiting office.
  9. Narcoleptic

    Thank you very much for the advice, sorry for the long time to reply I didn't internet access for a couple of weeks!

    Anyway Pm sent