Clinical Physiologist in the army

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by ukdigi22, Jan 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    Have recently visited an army career office at home to discuss joining up to train as a clinical physiologist. Have looked around the internet and searched this site but have not found too much information regarding this position. I already no that I have missed selection for this year and that selection involves completing an essay question and presentation. Therefore would just like to no any other useful information or to hear from anybody who has gone through any of these selection processes and what they are like. And finally being a specilaised job whether or not there are many posts currently in the army and whether there is lots of competition for these posts :?

    Cheers in advance

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  3. Hey ukdigi22
    I'm looking at the same position and have been told it's very select and therefore very competitive. Can I ask what qualifications you have?
    Also, I've found it useful to go onto the NHS website as there is an overview of all the areas a clinical physiologist covers.
    From personal experience recruiters haven't got a clue what they are so be prepared for a long wait at careers office while they ring round and try to get answers for you!!
  4. Hey little_bean

    Cheers for the reply. I have an upper class degree in Sport and Exercise Science, A-Levels and good GCSE's how about you?. Yeah have looked through the NHS but they seem just as competitive for jobs and seem to favour taking on current staff rather than which are already employed within the nhs which is so annoying!!!. I no what you mean recruiters do not really no much about the post as it is quite specialised but can never find someone who knows the job. So have you applied for next years intake yet?

  5. Not yet, I don't finish Uni for another few months, looking at a 2:1 in Sports and Health Studies at the moment barring anything going wrong. Also have OK Alevels and good GCSE's. I know what you mean about the NHS but I've just used the pages on Clinical Physiology to research the Job as the Army Jobs website isn't exactly brimming with Info on it.
    I'm probably looking at starting my Application in March to hopefully get into the next selection board. What are your second and third choices?

  6. Quite a similar degree to what I did so covers basics of what the job would entail i.e human anatomy and physiology. I haven't put a 2nd or 3rd choice down at the moment as that is the only job I want to do really but got BARB test Monday and have to get 52 to even be considered so fingers crossed.
  7. Yeah and I'm doing my dissertation on V02max and my option module is Advanced Physiology so I'm hoping that gives me a good grounding.
    Good luck on your BARB sure you'll do fine!
  8. Just realised last post made me sound like a complete idiot! I know Clinical Physiologists don't just do V02 but it's gotta give me a head start over Alevel leavers who haven't seen the inside of a phys. lab. in their lives right?!
  9. Hi

    I can talk a bit on this one. For acedemic qualities the City of Westminster college who currently run the degree course require the following

    1. Employment in a UK hospital in a clinical department (as a trainee MTO or higher) and
    2. Numeracy and English language (written and spoken) equivalent to GCSE Grade C (British Council IELTS – Band 6.0) and
    3. Two A-levels in Science (which can be Maths) or
    4. BTEC National Award in Science or
    5. Advanced GNVQ or AVCE Science or
    6. Equivalent

    If you have two good A level grades in maths,biology, chemistry or Physics I am sure your application will have no trouble reaching the interview stage.
    Due to the degree being very vocational based at the moment all students have to start on year one of the degree.

    Postings are currently all being changed, but from later on this year all students will be attached to Frimley Park Hospital.

    good luck with your barb test and applications.
  10. Slightly confused now. I have a dismall E in Biology A Level and C's in PE, English Combined Studies and General Studies and also will have at least a 2:2 in Sports and Health Studies BSc (Hons) and yet I have been told I should be fine to apply and get in (by RAMC recruiter).
    What's this about employment in a hospital?
    Am I just being a dizzy blond or am I right to be a little confused?!
  11. Little Bean

    The college get final say as to wether an applicant can start on the course or not. An A level in biology and a degree in sports and health studies could well be fine. I am not a recruiter but I know they will have to send off copies of your quals to get assessed.

    The college course is run as 1 week blocks per month, So for the other three weeks of the month you will be working full time in the Clinical Physiology training department of the Hospital. Where better to learn the job. alot of the college work involves assessments and evidence based portfolis of work performed, So you need to be working at the Hospital to get this done.
  12. Ah right, Cheers Q!
  13. Good accurate info Q'wave, which makes a change, by your name I presume you have personal knowledge of the trade.

    As far as the qualifications go the degree's would both be fine and both negate the need for A' levels, but you are right saying that the qualifications go to the college for final verification.

    Good luck to both of you and hopefully you will make it onto this years selection board in November.

    If you need any more information or contact details for someone in the trade, PM me and I will get them to you and they will also be able to organise an aquaint visit if wanted.

  14. Can't find any information on what Clinical Physiologists do in the Army. Do you get to go to Iraq and Afghanistan or do they work in the NHS as military physioloists only?
  15. I believe clinical physiologists spend the majority of time working in military hospitals in the NHS with both the general public and men and women of the military. They also work on deployments in small teams from what I have been told anyway.