Clinical Depression

Ive just been signed off work for a few weeks with depression due to the bereavement of my dad a few years ago which I wasn't able to grieve over properly, in the past id managed to find other outlets to help me cope but with alot of pressure from work and family life (have a baby on the way) it just got on top of me... I mean hey we all have our limits!

I have no thought disorders and have never been suicidal but my question is even though im already seeing a bereavement councillor will this mark of clinical depression permenantly exclude me from joining up or will it simply mean I get deffered?

Any help or advice would be appreciated

Thanks guys


War Hero
I dont know the answer to whether or not it will permenantly prevent you from serving.

Just concentrate on the here and now, because if you frustrate yourself over what may or may not be in the future you will not be concentrating fully on the treatment and your recovery.

Take one day at a time, and when you get to the other side then think about the army.

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