Climbing the Ranks

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by CMD40, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. Thought I'd ask this question just out of curiosity, what's the fastest times in years that a solider has progress up the ranks from Gnr to RSM.
  2. Do you smoke the big fella and do you like it german style?

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  3. 8 minutes if you are a special observer walt. Longer for soldiers
  4. Think you've read the post wrong, the time was in years.
  5. Apologies- 0.00001522 of a year for a special observer walt. Longer for soldiers
  6. I dunno, whats the fastest - and is the fastest to make the rank the best RSM? A number of good soldiers have gone half way up then down to the bottom again before bouncing into the RSM's chair. It must be hard for someone to be the scary man who has seen it all if they haventl spent enough time in each rank to see what is going on.

    In wartime Frederick Hillerson "Ben" Keeling DCLI MM went from Private to WO2 in about a year. But he was a socialtist who refused a commisison on political grounds and killed at Delville wood in 1916.

    Read his letters here
  7. The quickest is 18 years, but after being an RSM you'll then either end up as RASM or some garrison RSM.