Climbing Mount Toubkal

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Ryder02, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. Thinking of heading of to Morocco just before xmas in order to do a winter climb of Mount Toukal.

    Had a look at several websites and seems okay - just looking to see if anyone off here has done it during the winter months. Doesn't seem too difficult, but beats sitting around the house during the block leave.

    Cheers in advance...
  2. It's a technical ascent in winter mate (crampons and ice-axe), I did it a few years ago in May and we crossed an ice-field before the summit.

    I also spent about six days acclimatising beforehand, many people try to do it over a long weekend away and find it somewhat emotional :D

    I also had a good local guide, although it's fairly easy to do it without one.

    I would ask the same question on the 'lfto' forum and you should get better info from someone more current than me :wink:

    There is a guided trek and blog here:
  3. I did it in 3 days in November once. Marrakesh (sp?) to Imlil by taxi (about 6 hours, terrifying), Imlil to French Alpine Club Hut (1 day, very nice walk), summit and back to hut then walk out (very long day, may want to take 2 days). I didn't need crampons but took an ice axe. I would take both though, in hindsight. No rope required. I'd take the same kit you'd carry for a hillwalking type overnighter in the UK.

    Also, make sure you pack your own scoff (freeze dried from UK) as well as bring a couple of water purifying options e.g., pump filter and drops, and use both. I didn't and ate local, and therefore crapped my way up and down ther highest mountain in North Africa... not pleasant, but an excellent nav aid for the route back. :D
  4. We did it in a couple of days whilst on Ex SPRING RUN in 1986 - an adventure training wheeze run from Gib, but it was July. A couple of the boys set off early wearing t-shirts, Union Jack shorts and trainers. They couldn't hang around as a party of very pretty French school girls had just set off and my lot wanted to shag some of them.

    We had to leave the last village up the hill, whose name escapes me, where we established Base Camp, in a bit of a hurry as some wag had 'sold' a bottle of whisky to a native. Sadly said native had a taste of his new purchase only to discover it was mostly squaddie pish! The boys thought that as he was a muslim, he wouldn't be seen dead drinking booze in broad daylight. Wrong! Troops - you gotta luv 'em!
  5. Did it as part of a trekking holiday in Sept 2000. We camped at the foot of Toubkal (?Nelter) where I got ill after having washed in a stream that I found out later a Belgian party up stream from us had been using as a toilet. Lots of reasons to hate the Belgians but I now have another one.

    I wasn't in the best condition for climbing the mountain and do remember having signs of oxygen depletion as I got closer to the top which was disconcerting but went once I'd reached the summit and got my breath back. If you have the time try other summits across the High Atlas, it was the best holiday I've ever had. The souks of Marrakesh are worth a visit especailly the main market place in the evening.

    This is the trek I did with Sherpa