Climbing in California

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by jhono101, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. I'm looking at mounting an climbing exped to California next year for people who only have experience of indoor climbing and maybe a bit of experience outdoors over here.

    Does anyone know any good guide books or locations for climbing in that area (I'm looking mainly at the Yosemite region or the high desert).

  2. I am not sure if bouldering complies with your interests but, if it does, the best place that I can recommend for bouldering in California is Joshua Tree National Park, just outside of Palm Springs, which in turn is approximately one and a half hours due west in the Mojave Desert from Los Angeles. This place is extraordinary in terms of raw nature, climate, and bouldering opportunities. It is a favorite among the serious, hard-core climbing community.
  3. Seems a long way to go to take novices, Take it its a military exped, Id start trawling for Instructors and filling in JSAtFa's and jumping through flaming hoops before worrying about routes.

    Have a look here and search there forums or links

    Or G3 Pat at Div/Land/ATG/AMA will hold some previous PXRs of trips to Yosemite.

    Whos sponsoring the exped? Capbadge?
  4. I'm running the exped out of the factory as an officer cadidiot, and was planning to be the main instructor myself as I've already got my RL qualification.

    The reason it's in the US is that when I canvassed the guys about where they wanted to go, that seemed to be the best bit of middle ground (ie somewhere warm, with good routes/views and with some good opportunites to play trap or die)

    Cheers for the heads up on old PXR's, I hadn't thought of that one. Most other expeds I've done have been in Europe, so I haven't had much to think about.
  5. There is more info here and you can also e mail them

    Be aware that you must have an element of instruction/qualification within your exped which is a recent "flaming " hoop added to the other's . To that end they will require you to conduct a foundation course (RCP) on your exped. You will need more than RL/ RLT to conduct this level of training.

    Once again your G3 PAT at Div will advise you on all this and its worth tipping your hat before you fill in any paperwork or make any firm decisions.

    For instructors ie JSRCI to run RCP try the Fastrack here

    Check JSP 419 for your ratios and quals required.

    Helpful Harry
  6. Jhono, one more thought whilst on the subject of climbing in California:

    If you are interested in keeping it relatively simple in terms of logistics (i.e., somewhat more direct accessibility to your final destination following a long haul from London), in addition to Joshua Tree National Park, to which you would get to from Los Angeles, I would also consider the Lake Tahoe Basin (in the Sierra Nevada mountains), which is reachable from San Francisco. Lake Tahoe offers an extraordinarily beautiful and broad range of rock climbing choices ranging from the moderate to the extreme. During winter, Lake Tahoe’s Squaw Valley and the other local ski resorts offer some of the best skiing in the United States. During summer, the area becomes a phenomenal place to hike and climb.

    Another advantage of Lake Tahoe is that it is only three hours driving distance from the Bay Area (San Francisco); therefore, it offers you the possibility to ski or climb during one half of the day and swim or surf in a real ocean during the other half. I’ve done that, so this is not wistful dreaming that I am spouting.

    Joshua Tree National Park and Lake Tahoe are two excellent choices for California. Yosemite is great, but you will spend a lot more time getting to your destination.
  7. Why don't you just bung "rock climbing in california" into Dogpile

    You'll find books at Amazon re climbing in California. You will also find a lot of outfits that can give you instruction.

    You could also have a look at Climbing Info

    For some downloadable stuff try Route Info

    Who are you taking?

  8. How good are you? it would be a shame to go to Yosemite and not climb "El Capitan" give it a google, its phenomenal.