Climate change

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Ex-Grenadier, Apr 14, 2007.

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  1. Anyone exposed to the opinions of much of the environmental lobby in recent months can be in little doubt that the climate change debate is being used to justify even more taxes, along with limits on industrial activity, transport and individual lifestyles. Channel 4's recent documentary, The Great Climate Change Swindle, showed that as well as being politically motivated the case for climate change being caused by man is still very much in dispute.

    It is shocking, then, that the Government are encouraging every secondary school in the land to show Al Gore's environmentalist film 'An Inconvenient Truth' as undisputed fact, without any opposing view. This documentary is undoubtedly politically motivated, and was made by a career politician.

    Worryingly, the Education Secretary has even acknowledged that he thinks it important to "influence the opinions of children". The UK Education Act 1996, specifically prohibits the promotion of "partisan views on any subject" in schools. Article 407.1: says that headteachers must ensure that "where political issues are brought to the attention of pupils, they are offered a balanced presentation of opposing views".

    It is inappropriate, not to mention illegal, for children to be fed unbalanced political propaganda in school - there must be a fair balance of opinions, especially on such a crucial and controversial topic. The Hampden Trust, as an educational charity, is therefore offering to provide a free copy of the Channel 4 documentary that questions the supposed consensus on climate change to any school that would like to put a balanced argument to their pupils.

    I hope our readers of this will ask their local school if they are showing Mr Gore's film and if so, whether they would be willing to provide balance by showing this free DVD as well. They are available from The Hampden Trust, PO Box 2820, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV16 6YR.
  2. I take it then that you don't believe that man is responsible for climate change.
    Personally, despite having read a lot of the evidence, I am still unsure. If there is such disagreement within the scientific world how are the general public supposed to know. That is the exact reason why I am all for the environmental lobby. As far as I can see, the naysayers general argument seems to be 'oh climate change is a load of old b0llocks'. Where is the plan B for if these people are wrong?
    Just suppose that, on the off chance, that we actually ARE responsible for climate change and we just do nothing. Even more time wasted that we could have been saving the planet and having seen the research into the possible effects of negative feedback I'd rather not take the risk.
    So what's the harm in actually trying to do something that may save our descendents? At least if we're wrong we won't be doing any harm.
    I'd rather do something and be wrong than sit on my hands saying 'oh sh1t' if the worst comes to the worst.
  3. Out of interest Ex-Grenadier, why does the Hampden Trust share a PO Box number with the Freedom Association?
  4. Ask them.
  5. Ex-Grenadier,

    Could you read your PM's please?