Climate change: "Weve caused it, now its asias turn"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Squiddly, Jun 9, 2008.

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    "We in the West must shoulder the burden of tackling climate change in equal measure to the benefit we derived from the industrial revolution over the past 150 years."

    "Business Secretary John Hutton will today warn the West not to "demonise" Asian countries on environmental standards."

    Is Mr Hutton suggesting that we should pay reperations to the environment in proportion to the benefit we have received from the Industrial Revolution? Is this guy suggesting that we now regret and pay penance for one of the biggest social and economic events in this nation's history?

    So because China etc are having their industrial revolution now, we can turn a blind eye to that because we've already had ours and its only fair? Get real.

    And even if he isn't then what, what is he saying? That we should let China, North Korea and India off the hook?

    Cmon Mr Hutton, either we all pollute or we're all on the hook. One of the other mate.

  2. I have to say I agree with Squiddly, there either is an environmental problem and we are destroying the world we live in or we arent. If we are, how the hell can we turn a blind eye to other countries, just because they haven't got the same living standards as us......

    We do seem to treat developing countries with a condescending/your special needs attitude...
  3. It is a political statement and therefore nothing much to do with reality. I just can't work out how we got to the situation where people vote for leaders as stupid as our current crop of politicians.
  4. It's a particularly stupid statement with a grain or two of truth to it. The payment he (amongst others) is calling for is selling cheaply or just outright giving developing nations clean fuel technology so they don't have to go down the route we did 150 years ago of just chucking stuff on a fire and devil take the consequences.

    If China, India, Brazil, etc. don't get reliable nuclear or clean-burning coal power stations, do you think they're just going to shrug ther shoulders and say "Oh, well, guess we'll just have to live in desperate poverty the same as our great-grandparents did"? They'll build dirty great smoke-belching old fashioned ones - and in far greater numbers than we can easily imagine. We should be helping them avoid that stage, out of self-interest if nothing else. They still cause a tiny fraction of the pollution per head we do.